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FAB 3000 Version 7.8.16 Released

29 March, 2017

Centroid Export - Component X,Y Reference provides the ability to export centroids using Absolute Center, or Insertion Point.
All "Find" commands have the ability to search using options "Match whole word" and "Match case".  This helps users pinpoint their search's with more accuracy.
ODB++ Import - Detect Unit Directive in StepHeader and Tools file.
Query commands have been simplified.
IPC-Netlist Export has been improved.
Net and Component list controls have been updated to match exact object selected. Previously multiple objects with a similar reference name would also be selected causing some confusion.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.10 Released

02 March, 2017

Large Design Optimization - Ability to handle Design lengths up to 1000 meters! Set the option Design Database Extents to Large.
Edit Attributes.  Add/Remove Attributes from any object, using the Properties command.
DFM Check: Option to check visible layers only or all layers (whether visible or not).
DFM check:  Minimum Annular Ring check has been improved.
Join Wizard: Option to remove warnings when boundaries are left open.
Add Dimensions: Control Arrow Type and Size. Text style can be changed. Unit unifier can be removed.
Gerber Import has been improved.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.7 Released

07 February, 2017

DFM check: SMT Stencil Pad (Minimum Width)
DFM check: SMT Stencil Pad (Minimum Aspect Ratio)
DFM check: SMT Stencil Pad (Minimum Area Ratio)
DFM check: SMT Stencil Pad (Minimum Volume)
Netlist Export (IPC-356/A) includes component information (Pin#,RefDes,etc.)
3D STEP Export.  Added ability to export true circles (decreases file size).
Footprint Editor.  Assign Component Height and Pin sequence.
Gerber Import has been improved.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.5 Released

20 December, 2016

Footprint Browser.  Ability to modify component height and type.
Message Prompt box.  Silently displays prompts on the screen when user input is required.
STEP Export.  An option has been added to only export components and bareboard. Perfect for testing overall loaded PCB height.
All Query commands are easier to use with improved GUI.
All Measure commands are easier to use with improved GUI.
Generate Error Report can export PDF with unlimited size. Previously the maximum was 100 pages.
DFM Checker. Gives more accurate total count of DFM Errors (duplicates are ignored).
STEP Export.  Default height used for components is now correctly compensated in the STEP file.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.3 Released

06 December, 2016

Import Gerber.  Added setting Optimize Polygon (removes any cut-lines in polygons).
Import ODB++.  Added setting Optimize Polygon (removes any cut-lines in polygons).
Import IPC-2581.  Added setting Optimize Polygon (to remove any cut-lines in polygons).
Import Gerber. Custom aperture orientation and Polygon handling has been improved.
Import NC. Better handle Tool definitions with compensation index.
Selection Filter.  Accepts wild cards for Net names and components.
Find Net.  Accepts wild cards for Net names.
Find Component.  Accepts wild cards for Component names.
Measure Figure-Figure has been improved.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.2 Released

14 November, 2016

Assembly Check: Detect Minimum Clearances between Components.
Assembly Check: Detect Maximum Component Height.
Assembly Check: Footprint to Pad Registration. Easily detect if component footprints align with existing pads on the design.
Properties dialog. Convert single Insert into Arrayed Inserts.  Adjust variables: Column & Row Count, DX, DY.
Import Gerber.  Detection of invalid arcs has been improved.
Import DXF.  DeEmbed has been improved.
Draw to Flash conversion has been improved.
Import Centroid. Better detection of Top/Bottom layer.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.1 Released

06 October, 2016

New Help Manual with over 450 Pages! Drastically updated with additional embedded videos and tutorials.
Silkscreen Optimizer.  New option for Composite method has been added.
Perform Neg/Mirror Layers (if Required). This option can prevent FAB 3000 from creating a negative layer and/or mirror when defined in the Gerber header.
Insert Component.  Orientation has been improved.
Import IPC-2581.  Directly support files with .cvg extension.
Import Gerber X2. Fixed Drill import with Gerber X2 files.
PDF Vector Export. Prevent erroneous message box from occurring.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.0 Released

08 September, 2016

Import IPC2581-B - IPC-2581 is a generic standard for printed circuit board assembly products manufacturing description data and transfer methodology. 
Automated Import of CAM data generated by Allegro and OrCAD - During import, automatically determines all layer types, stack up, blind/buried drills, and more.
NC Drill and Rout Import has been improved. 
Better handle non-centered custom apertures in display and image export.
Better handle non-centered components in display and centroid export.
About 12 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.7.7 Released

15 August, 2016

Reverse Selection - Editing now permits command selection before object selection.  You no longer need to select objects first and then a command like (move).  You can now move objects (for example) by going to menu:  Edit / Move, and then select objects.  This allows FAB 3000 to feel more familiar to other CAM tools.
Unlimited Undo/Redo - Making FAB 3000 the easiest Gerber editor available.
Export PDF Vector -  Resolution has been improved.
SMT Stencil commands -  No longer requires that you to select flashes only.  Save time by selecting drawn pads and perform SMT stencil editing.
Improved GUI ribbon interface.  Find important commands faster.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.7.1 Released

28 July, 2016

Intelli-Drill Import feature - Automatically detects all drill holes during import and aligns them with the existing Gerber. This makes Importing drills files much easier, because you no longer have to worry about the drill format (i.e Leading or Trailing Zeros, Inch or Millimeter, etc.) or incorrect scale after import -- FAB 3000 will figure everything out.
Submit a Support Ticket - Quickly create a support ticket for technical assistance.
Modify Rout Plunge/Retract - Easily modify both plunge/retract for any closed rout path.
AutoSave Workspace - Optimize save algorithm during long periods of inactivity.
NC Drill table - Added Minimum and Maximum hole tolerance.
Display of NC Drill holes (while zoomed far away) has been improved.
Detect Border Layer has been improved.
Prevent Crash that occurred when multiple cells were selected and copied to the clipboard.


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