Don Garrison - Scholarship Award

Simon (CEO Numerical Innovations, Inc) and his father Don Garrison.

Purpose:  To Inspire Black and minority children (between the ages of 10-17), who have the potential to become Software Developers and future technology leaders of the world.  The Don Garrison Scholarship was started in 2000, immediately after Simon Garrison sold his first company for approximately $2 million (USD).  Sponsored by Numerical Innovations Inc, a black owned technology business.

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If you are a gifted child (or the parent/guardian of a gifted child) who could greatly benefit from an early opportunity to have the latest computer and software development tools available - please submit the form (below) to be considered for the Don Garrison Scholarship Award. 

Note:  Awards are typically given out randomly, depending on the quarterly financial strength of Numerical Innovations, Inc. and/or the necessity for the Don Garrison applicant.  If you do not win, you are welcome to re-apply again after one year.