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9 Cool Things About ACE 2D/3D Translator:



1. Convert Any Format in just 4 Steps!

 With ACE 3000 all file formats are Converted in just 4 STEPS! In addition ACE has a friendly and modern GUI which drastically reduces the learning curve. Most users are able to successfully convert their first files in less than 5 minutes!

2. Ask For HELP box.

 The Ask for Help box, allows anyone to  type in a question (or keywords).  ACE 3000 will search 1000's of posts to quickly find answers.  This is a resource that has been part of our software since day one, but not everyone is aware of this feature.

View the tutorial movie below showing how easy and fast it is to find answers to your questions:

 Need more?  Visit the Numerical Innovations - Help Center for hundreds of related topics and helpful articles.  Get in contact with our engineering team: Open a Support Ticket

3. ODB++ Import and Export

4. DXF/DWG Import and Export

ACE 3000 is perfectly suited for converting AutoCAD DXF and DWG files to manufacturing formats like: Gerber, Drill, GDS-II, and ODB++. ACE includes the most comprehensive set of DXF import options available - giving you more Power & Flexibility. ACE allows you to selectively control how each layer is imported, choose which blocks to import, and so much more.

Important:  We recommend everyone who wishes to import DXF or DWG files please review our Guideline: DXF Conversion Secrets for Gerber

Here's a sample tutorial demonstrating how to import a DXF file:

5. GDSII Import and Export

6. PDF/Postscript Import and Export

Please check out the Postscript and PDF Conversion Guideline.

7. High Resolution Bitmap/TIFF Import and Export

Generate High-Resolution TIFF and BITMAP files up to 25 Million DPI!  

Perfect for the 3D and Inkjet Printing industries. Includes advanced image generation features such as: Pixel optimization and separate X/Y Edge Compensation.


8. Using the Viewer with Editing Capabilities

Most CAD files contain redundant and unconnected geometries, which make CAD/EDA conversions more difficult. Fortunately, ACE includes many powerful editing & repair features to automatically handle these situations.


 9. 3D STEP Import and Export

Import popular EDA formats like ODB++, GDSII, Gerber, Bitmaps, DXF, and Postscript right into your 3D Environment!