ACE 3000 Version 7.5.6 Released

Interactive Watch Tutorial - Helps users more quickly find answers and sample conversions.
Gerber Import - Handles complex polygons more efficiently.
ODB++ Import - All new shapes are supported and handles complex polygons more efficiently.
Convert to Polygons has been improved.
Add Wide Path (in Viewer) has been improved.
Add Pad (in Viewer) has been improved.
Create Composite Dialog has been improved and includes Size option.
Detection of circular boundaries.
Join Wizard has been improved.
Gerber File type Detection has been improved.
Add Drill Hit is easier to use.  Simply enter desired diameter of drill hole (no need to search for available tools only).
Bug preventing STL export has been fixed.
PDF Import - Extra line in Text has been eliminated.
Add Multi-Line with 0-Height has been fixed.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.