FAB 3000 Version 8.3.55 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Zoom DFM Errors. DFM Error Browser now includes better Zoom control.
Netlist Extraction. Option to output single point nets as "N/C" (No Connection).  Required by several simulation software tools.
Netlist Extraction. Option to Use Border Extents. Prevent assigning nets to objects outside the PCB Border area.
Netlist Comparison.  Comparison against bottom side test points has been improved.
Netlist Apply.  Better interface with cleaner results report.
Smart Select.  More advanced features to easily select any objects or attributes for editing. https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/discussions/topics/14000019452
Smart Find. More advanced features to locate any objects. https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/discussions/topics/14000019206
DFM Check. Minimum Clearance: Test Point to Mask has been improved for bottom side checks.
DFM Check. Missing Copper Pad check is more accurate.
Added hundreds of Tips and helpful popups.
Zoom controls in editor for lists:  Nets, Components, Find 1, and Find 2.
Better Up/Down key controls for lists:  Nets, Components, Find 1, and Find 2.
Auto-Load. NC Drill file detection has been improved.
Nets Widget. Rt-click menu has an option to Make All Net Layers Visible
Zoom All. Calculates extents of visible layers only, previously would zoom the entire design.
Delete Objects Outside Border.
15 other minor bug fixes have been made.