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ACE Translator 3000 - Revision History

New Feature
Bug Fix

"So far I really like the new interface of ACE 3000 V7.3, the ribbon style toolbar is good, fewer mouse picks now. Layer panel is good. Very nice." - Brad Mozley, TT Electronics plc

TT Electronics plc


ACE 3000 Revision 8.1.5 (64-bit) Released

09 March, 2022

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Dimatix BITMAP Export - The exact same OEM FUJIFILM Dimatix BITMAP export optional has been added to the standard ACE release.

This was a general maintenance release to improve/fix minor GUI, database, memory, and security protocols for Windows 11 compatibility.
Over 50 minor bug fixes and GUI Improvements have been made.


ACE 3000 Revision 8.1.0 (64-bit) Released

22 September, 2021

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

G-Code Export - ACE can now import any CAD/EDA format and output directly to G-Code used primary by 3D Printers and CNC.
3D Step Import has been improved.
3D Step Export has been improved.
3D STL Export has been improved.

40 GUI Improvements have been made.

19 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


ACE 3000 Revision 8.0.2 (64-bit) Released

07 June, 2021

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

ODB++ Export Option - Fix Invalid Surfaces. If checked, repairs invalid surface polygons that cause issues with 3D simulation, etc.
ODB++ Export Option - Export Profile. If checked, automatically exports a profile - even if one has not been defined.
Layers Table features have been enhanced and have more options available. (menu: Setup | Layers Table...)
Blind/Buried Vias dialog has been improved.
Default Arc Deviation setting has been improved.
Layer Map control (Open/Save) has been improved.
ODB++ Export generates more efficient surfaces.
Automatic Detection of a Border has been improved
ODB++ Import fixed issue when loading Blind/Buried Drills from Matrix.

20 GUI Improvements have been made.

15 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


ACE 3000 Revision 8.0.0 (64-bit) Released

14 May, 2021

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

First 64-bit version of ACE 3000 with improved performance and ability to process larger files.
3D Engine has been completely redone for optimized 3D STEP/STL Conversions.
DWG Compatible for AutoCAD 2022.
Maintain and Export Arcs for all formats.
DXF Import has been improved.
DXF Export has been improved.
Gerber Import has been improved.
Gerber Export has been improved.
ODB++ Import has been improved.
Gerber Import has been improved.
ODB++ Export has been improved.

35 GUI Improvements have been made.

45 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


UP NEXT:  Full support for the latest IPC-2581 revision, continued GUI improvements, Improved STEP Export for 3D simulators, and more.

ACE 3000 Version 7.8.9 Released

13 August, 2019

BITMAP Export - Separate X and Y Scaling.
TIFF Export - Separate X and Y Scaling.
Customize Dialog - Assign Hot Keys and shortcuts.
ACE 3000 (for FujiFilm Dimatix Printers) has been freely added to Numerical Cloud.  Anyone who wishes to use ACE 3000 (for FujiFilm Dimatix Printers) can now easily signup for Numerical Cloud and get started immediately.
Hot Keys are now fully functional in the ACE Viewer/Editor.
Gerber Import - Ability to handle Aperture Definition (%AD%) in the body of the Gerber file (typically in the header).
BITMAP Export - Image distortion that only occurred for certain resolutions has been fixed.
Import ACE Workspace - Has been restored to Import Format pulldown.
5 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.8.6 Released

30 August, 2018

GDS-II Import - Includes new options to Flash Round and Rectangular boundaries.
GDS-II Import - Includes options to determine Path endcaps.
GDS-II Import - Assign a default font and height for Text.
Includes a new Linux 64-bit release.
5 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.8.4 Released

01 August, 2018

3D STEP Export - Show PCB Simulation Options.  When checked additional options for PCB simulation are available including:  Show Holes in Metal Layers, Create Separate Hole Assembly, Plating Thickness, and more.
3D STEP and STL Export - Join Adjacent Traces.  Will automatically connect any traces that connect.  Produces smaller STEP/STL files that are easier to load and process in 3D simulation software.
5 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.8.0 Released

15 July, 2018

Build Profile - Select an object to automatically generate a border layer.  Located in the Graphics editor, menu:  Tools / Build Profile
STEP Import - FACE Rendering Quality allows you to create extremely high resolution artworks from STEP data.  FACE Rendering Quality setting located in menu:  Setup / Preferences..., tab "Misc".  Default is High Resolution.
Drill Export - Improved detection of slots and drilled holes.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.7.11 Released

11 May, 2018

Plotter Export - Ability to output compatible files for legacy plotters from GSI, HP, and more.
3D Export - Easily create detailed layered stack ups for complex 3D export requirements. Each layer includes options for Z-Base and Thickness.
Gerber Import has been improved.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.7.2 Released

14 March, 2017

Gerber Import parsing has been improved.
Gerber Export has been improved.
3D STEP Export has been improved.
DXF and DWG Export has been improved. 
About 15 other minor bug fixes.


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