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"So far I really like the new interface of ACE 3000 V7.3, the ribbon style toolbar is good, fewer mouse picks now. Layer panel is good. Very nice." - Brad Mozley, TT Electronics plc

TT Electronics plc


ACE 3000 Version 7.7.2 Released

14 March, 2017

Gerber Import parsing has been improved.
Gerber Export has been improved.
3D STEP Export has been improved.
DXF and DWG Export has been improved. 
About 15 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.7.0 Released

19 July, 2016

DXF Export Option - Outline Only. All outer contours will be calculated and exported to DXF.
New Native Aperture Shape "Hash".  Used as a fiducial marking for various panels.
Hide Cell(s).  Allow you remove selected cells from the conversion.
Calculate Copper Area - Generate Report file.
Gerber Import - Improved optimization of complex polygons.
Gerber Import - Improved handling of Polygons from Gerbers generated by DipTrace.
Gerber Import - Automatic Layer type detection from Gerbers generated by KiCad.
Gerber Import - Provide user option for 360 degree arcs found in polygons.
Gerber Import - Aperture Rules dialog interface has been improved.
Detect Arcs has been improved during export of formats: Gerber, NC Drill/Rout, ODB++, and DXF/DWG.
ODB++ Import - Better optimization of complex surfaces (i.e Polygons). 
ODB++ Export - Files generated are 100% compatible with the latest Mentor ODB++ Viewer 9.6. 
Polygon De-embedding has been improved.
Aperture Table Dialog has been improved.
ODB++ Import - Resolved conflict when a custom symbol uses a standard symbol name.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.


ACE 3000 Version 7.6.5 Released

16 November, 2015

Support Gerber X2 format.
Detect Design Profile (i.e. Border) Check
Export High Resolution Bitmap/Tiff automatically trims all images.
3D Boolean Option to Keep Pads whole (required for simulation purposes).
Support for 3D VDA format.
Drill Export sorts holes for an optimized path.
ODB++ Export choose compression method.
STEP Import and Export.
IGES Import and Export.
ACIS Import and Export.
STL Import and Export.
Better Memory handling and pointer management.
Ask a Question (located top-right corner)
Blind Buried Dialog
Undo/Redo within the Editor.
Build Composite Wizard
DXF Export included reference designators for exported components.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

ACE 3000 Version 7.6.0 Released

24 August, 2015

STEP Import/Export (requires ACE for Solidworks-3D)
IGES Import/Export (requires ACE for Solidworks-3D)
ACIS Import/Export (requires ACE for Solidworks-3D)
SolidWorks (SLDPRT) Import/Export (requires ACE for Solidworks-3D)
3D Export option to export each layer as a separate file.
Embedded Crop Wizard.  Interactively select crop area for export.
Merge Layers has been improved using composite and size options. Plus open/save settings.
Crop Wizard has the ability to crop display area, or crop by selected objects.
Gerber file detection.
Gerber File type Detection has been improved.
NC Drill/Rout file detection.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

ACE 3000 Version 7.5.6 Released

26 July, 2015

Interactive Watch Tutorial - Helps users more quickly find answers and sample conversions.
Gerber Import - Handles complex polygons more efficiently.
ODB++ Import - All new shapes are supported and handles complex polygons more efficiently.
Convert to Polygons has been improved.
Add Wide Path (in Viewer) has been improved.
Add Pad (in Viewer) has been improved.
Create Composite Dialog has been improved and includes Size option.
Detection of circular boundaries.
Join Wizard has been improved.
Gerber File type Detection has been improved.
Add Drill Hit is easier to use.  Simply enter desired diameter of drill hole (no need to search for available tools only).
Bug preventing STL export has been fixed.
PDF Import - Extra line in Text has been eliminated.
Add Multi-Line with 0-Height has been fixed.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

ACE 3000 Version 7.5.5 Released

07 July, 2015

Print Dialog from ACE Editor with extended options such as Tile Images, and more.
PDF Export Dialog from ACE Editor with extended options such as Tile Images, and more.
Linux 64-bit Update.  ACE 3000 for Linux has been tested to be up to 4X faster.
Dialog OK and Cancel buttons are more easily visible.
Auto-Detect Database Accuracy has been improved. By default ACE now uses a higher resolution (up to 1/10 nanometer) - resulting in improved conversion accuracy.
Properties Dialog now allows editing of Arcs.
Gerber Export has been improved for latest Gerber standards.
Gerber Import speed has been improved.
Boolean Engine has been improved.
ODB++ Import speed has been improved.
ODB++ Export has been improved.
Create Composite Layer has been improved.
Join Wizard has been improved.
Draw to Flash (Automatic). Better flash recognition and can convert multiple shapes simultaneously.
New settings to Optimize Complex Polygons during Import(i.e. Polygons with Islands/Holes)   This produces cleaner polygon boundaries with fewer cut-lines and faster CPU processing.
Polygon De-Embedding has been improved.
About 25 other minor bug fixes.

ACE 3000 Version 7.5.3 Released

16 April, 2015

Fixed License Issue for Numerical Cloud.
5 other minor fixes.

ACE 3000 Version 7.5.1 and Previous History

05 March, 2015

STL Export - Output of side facets have been improved.
5 Other minor bugs have been fixed.


ACE 3000 Version 7.5.0 (February 10th, 2015)

Numerical Cloud - Monthly subscription licensing has been added.
DWG Import - Correctly import MText with embedded bullets (control code \px1)
Memory usage has been profiled resulting in a 5% overall gain in performance.
ODB++ Export - Correctly output matrix when layer or step names contains invalid characters.


ACE 3000 Version 7.4.0 (January 12th, 2015)

Improve STL Export with holes.
Improve DXF Import for Polylines with width.

15 Other minor bugs have been fixed


ACE 3000 Version 7.3.16 (October 29th, 2014)

Separate X/Y Resolution during TIFF and BITMAP export.


ACE 3000 Version 7.3.15 (October 22nd, 2014)

UNICODE Support for all imported files and directories.
Gerber Import has been improved..

25 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.3.9 (August 25th, 2014)

64-bit Windows Release. Better memory management. Ability to handle files over 4GB. Available Free for LIFETIME Maintenance Users only.
Handle large polygons with unlimited size. Previous versions of ACE could only handle polygons up to 32675 points. 

12 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.3.7 (August 14th, 2014)

High Resolution BITMAP Export. Trim edges. Removes excess pixels around the borders of your BITMAP.  Perfect for image alignment and centering.
High Resolution BITMAP and TIFF Export. Pixel Edge Compensation.  Reduce or Expand all geometries within an image by X pixels. Perfect for applying manufacturing compensations.

8 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.3.5 (August 4th, 2014)

DWG Import. Now Supports loading AutoCAD 2013, 2014, and 2015 DWG files. [Previous versions of ACE only handled up to AutoCAD 2012 DWG]
New Modern Ribbon Style GUI. Making ACE the most Friendly & Easiest CAD conversion tool available.
New PDF Help Manual. [Over 220 pages of helpful information & tutorials]

Join Automatic and Interactive commands have been improved. [Now easier to generate filled boundaries]
DXF/DWG Import. Now handles Elliptical Arc edges within Solid Hatches.
Drawing Tools in the CAD Viewer have been drastically improved.
Added Multi-Line Text command in the CAD Viewer.
New Layer control in the CAD Viewer. [Save time navigating your designs]

35 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.2.17 (June 3rd, 2014)

DXF/DWG Import. New option to completely ignore PaperSpace objects.

ODB++ Import has been improved.

DXF/DWG Export has been improved.
GUI for properties widget has been improved - now displays drop-down arrow icon when multiple properties are available.

15 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.2.13 (September 10th, 2013)

Pixel Approximation option for TIFF and BITMAP Export. Drastically improves final image sharpness & scale.
Layers Map has been improved. Includes Drag & Drop Layer sorting.

Layers Map Table crashed during ODB++ export.

ODB++ Import has been improved.

ODB++ Export has been improved. There is now an ability to assign Negative Layer(s) in the outputted matix. ODB++ name limits of 64 characters is now observed. Improved TGZ compression.

DXF Import handles unicode characters

11 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.1.4 (March 12th, 2013)

Improved! Boolean Engine - Does a better job creating "cut-lines" in complex polygons
Improved! Aperture Table with new features

Fixed! DXF Import now removes layer 0 - if user has chosen to ignore.

Improved! Tools Menu - Must easier to navigate.

Improved! Flatten Composites

Improved! Ability to type in user defined coordinates in the ACE 3000 Viewer.  Perfect for accurate editing and object creation.

12 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.0.9 (November 16th, 2012)

Separated PDF and Postscript Import
Postscript/PDF Import: Automatically detects location of Ghostscript DLL
Postscript/PDF Import: Allows you to select multiple Ghostscript versions. Different versions of Ghostscript can produce different font results. ACE stores up to 15 different Ghostscript versions allowing you to choose the best conversion during the import process.
Postscript/PDF Import: Substitute the Postscript/PDF fonts with ACE 3000 fonts.  Simply choose the Text Option "Use ACE Default fonts", and then choose the ACE 3000 font.
8 Other minor bugs have been fixed

ACE 3000 Version 7.0.6 (October 19th, 2012)

Improved Viewer Tools - much easier to use: Merge Overlapping Objects, De-Embed Objects, Join Wizard - Automatic, Join Wizard - Interactive, Composite Merge Layers, and 2D Boolean Operations.
Improved Viewer Commands - much easier to use: Add Polygon, Add Wide Path, Add Flash, Add Rectangle, Add Trace, Add Circle, Add Ellipse, Add Text
Fixed:  Layer Combo in Viewer didn't always update with new layers.
View status bar is much easier to use, because it now highlights to alert the user when an action is necessary.
Improved Join Error Markers. Now a visible red-arrow is used to visibly pin-point all open boundaries.
12 Other minor bugs have been fixed.

ACE 3000 Version 7.0.5 (August 16th, 2012)

New Easy to Use GUI! Almost every dialog box and user control has been drastically enhanced to improve the overall customer experience.
New! Quick View Screen.  Allows you to quickly view your conversion results without having to actually activate the Viewer.  This feature alone speeds up your conversion times.
Dynamic Editing capabilities in the Viewer allow you to perform advanced editing features like corner-dragging of polygons and traces, Add/Remove selected objects from a group using the shift key, object hovering (highlights any object your cursor hovers over), improved Quad Grid views, and much more.
Arc Precision has been drastically improved!  Choose from multiple options for Arc Precision including: segments/360º, or use deviation in various units ( nanometer, micron, millimeter, centimeter, meter, inch, mil, DPI).
Available in 64-bit for both Windows and Linux.   MAC 64-bit coming soon!
New Batch Processing! Convert a large number of files simultaneously.
Layer Maps! Save and reopen layer configurations.
Improved Large BITMAP Export. Fixed slight floating point rounding error. The pixel scale has been finely tuned for the most accurate vector to raster conversions (up to 25,400,000 DPI accuracy)!
Improved Large TIFF Export. Fixed slight floating point rounding error. The pixel scale has been finely tuned for the most accurate vector to raster conversions (up to 25,400,000 DPI accuracy)!  Supports all compression algorithms such as LZW, Packbits, etc.
3D-STL Export. Incorporate color attributes and verifies triangles are extruded & rotated correctly.
3D-STL Import. Added a new technique to directly read plane surfaces and reconstruct 2D geometries from 3D renderings.  You also have the option to choose the Extruded Plane orientation.
DXF Import: SHX Text fonts are converted more efficiently (on previous versions their may be double lines for single stroke SHX font files).
New!  ODB++ to 3D PCB - Quick Conversion.  Simply choose what features of the PCB you'd like converted to 3D and ACE generates a fully rendered 3D-data of your PCB along with components!  Perfect for sending to your Mechanical Engineer to test whether a specific PCB design (with components) will fit inside a specific enclosure.
ACE displays design specific information during the conversion process such as a listing of all object types along with the count of each.
Quick View Screen is linked to the Cell Browser so as you navigate the Cell Tree, instant renderings of each cell are displayed in the Quick View Screen for reference.
ODB++ Import has been improved. Reads & Stores more attributes such as component outline & height.
DXF Import can now support Block Flashing.  This is the process where ACE can substitute existing Blocks with a predefined aperture shape.  This is especially useful for clients who use AutoCAD to layout their PCB's and have a need to replace certain blocks with specific flashed pads.
Improved Arc detection during export to formats such as: Gerber, DXF, DWG, and ODB++.
Over 250 other small improvements and bug fixes (way too many to list!). Contact us directly ( ) if you have any specific questions about the updated features compared to ACE 3000 V6.



ACE 3000 Version 6.6.1 (May 30th, 2012)

Improved - Large Bitmap Export
Bug Fix
Fixed: Processing of Solid hatches with edges that do not form a continuous boundary.

ACE 3000 Version 6.5.6 (April 20th, 2012)

Improved - Press 'Esc' Key to Break long conversions.
Improved DXF/DWG Import
Improved ODB++ Import.
Fixed Windows XP Start-up Problem.
Layer Stackup has been activated.
Bug Fix
15 minor bugs have been fixed.

ACE 3000 Version 6.4.9 (August 19th, 2011)

Large Bitmap Export - Improved Accuracy.
DXF/DWG Import Improvements

ACE 3000 Version 6.4.5 (May 24th, 2011)

Compile TrueType Font Quality - Choose the quality of ACE Font files (*.fnt) derived from TrueType fonts.
Bug Fix
GDSII Import - Better handle polygons with Coincident/Colinear points.
Bug Fix
Replaced several invalid font files (*.fnt) Tahoma, Verdana, Bank Gothic, etc. that were missing kerf spacing.

ACE 3000 Version 6.3.4 (March 3rd, 2011)

DXF/DWG Import: Added option - Use AutoCAD Layer Colors
DXF/DWG Export: Outputted DXF/DWG uses layer colors from ACE 3000 Viewer.
Bug Fix
DXF/DWG Import: Repaired setting for option - Flash Circle/Rects Less Than (mil)

ACE 3000 Version 6.3.3 (March 2nd, 2011)

Introducing ACE 3000 News and Conversion Center. Keep all users up to date with the latest versions, news, and online tutorials.
DXF Export. Added option to export DXF flashes as Blocks. Saves about 50% final DXF/DWG file size.
Improved GUI to simplify the conversion process for all users.
STL/IGES Export - Optimize so the files are much smaller and easier to use by solidworks.
Clip Area has been improved. Use can now create a new cell to output clipped results.
Bug Fix
Over 5 other minor improvements & fixes

ACE 3000 Version 6.2.7 (January 10th, 2011)

Make option in preferences to hide "Object Hover". Some users prefer to not display the Object Hover (especially with very large polygons).
Improved Import of non-AutoCAD DWG files from SolidWorks.
Bug Fix
Fixed Bug in Boolean Engine. In some cases, it caused invalid polygon boundaries during import of Mentor Gerber files.
Bug Fix
Fixed bug how ODB++ Import handles metric units
Import Drill: Sieb & Meyer, Decimal Format, AutoScale
DXF/DWG import flattens hierarchy, especially for non-hierarchal formats like gerber

ACE 3000 Version 6.2.3 (November 17th, 2010)

GDSII Export option "Convert Paths to Polygons".
GDSII Export option Scale Multiplier.
Add NC Table for editing drill hole sizes.
DXF/DWG export has been optimized to output even smaller files.
Bug Fix
Over 5 other minor improvements & fixes

ACE 3000 Version 6.1.5 (August 20th, 2010)

Export (Gerber, DXF, ODB++) will automatically detect Arcs (improve quality plus 70% smaller file sizes).
2D Boolean Operations are improved.
Composite Layer(Dark/Clear) creation is improved.
15% Overall Performance Gain (using new c++ compiler)
PDF Plot with user defined scale.
DXF/DWG import (arc deviation can be lowered to 1 nanometer) - works wells for flat & shallow arcs.
Bug Fix
Over 5 other improvements & fixes

ACE 3000 Version 6.0.3 (May 3rd, 2010)

DXF/DWG import (wide polylines remove tiny gaps between line/arc intersections).
ODB++ Import (process symbol names better).
Hover feature is faster.
Display of large features when zoomed in at high resolution.

ACE 3000 Version 6.0.2 (April 15th, 2010)

New Feature
Powerful new licensing system allows you to install ACE 3000 V6 on any computer; you are no longer locked to a single machine using Host ID.
New Feature
Supports AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011 DWG/DXF files.
New Feature
Object Hover Tool, drastically improves object selection and user experience.
New Feature
Draw to Flash Selective: Flash all selected objects at once to chosen shape.
New Feature
Interactive Join - Selectively connect adjacent line & arc segments to form complex boundaries.
New Feature
Convert to Cell
New Feature
Convert to Custom Aperture
New Feature
Free Trial extended to 4 hours of unlimited use.
New Feature
Bug in GDSII Export.
New Feature
Boolean Engine. Perform 2D boolean operations: AND,OR,XOR,Subtract,Invert,Sequential,Sizing, and more.
New Feature
Bitmap Export - Add Option to output as Negative
New Feature
Image Export - Add Option to output as Negative
New Feature
Add Dimensions
New Feature
Support for Barcode Fonts
Overall 20% performance increase.
PDF/Postscript Import (Separate color per layer, and let user choose location & version of Ghostscript dll)
ODB++ Import has over 10 enhancements.
Drill Import.
Drill Export.
Gerber Import has over 50 enhancements.
Gerber Export.
DXF/DWG Import has over 10 enhancements.
DXF/DWG Export (Separate Fill Options for Path, Flashes, Polygons)
Most editing features have been improved.
Most tools have been improved.
Fire9000 Gerber Import
Implemented new license management system.
DXF/DWG Import (polylines with width, xscale text, and more).
DXF Import Backwards Text with rotations loads correctly.

ACE 3000 Version 5.0.7 (October 15th, 2009)

New Feature
Hold Ctrl key, to select multiple objects
New Feature
Add Invert Image to Large Bitmap export.
Layer Map when exporting GDSII and OASIS

ACE 3000 Version 5.0.3 (July 22nd, 2009)

New Feature
Apply Layer Map (Automatically updates CAD viewer using Layer map names).
Add Original Layer number for reference when modifying Layer Map File.
Flatten Hierarchy Option for GDSII Export
Flatten Hierarchy Option for DXF Export
Save/Open Layer Map File (Layer map files preserve layer settings for future translations).

ACE 3000 Version 5.0.1 (March 20th, 2009)

New Feature
Has Over 100 CAD/3D/EDA Translators Built into One Tool!
New Feature
STL 3D Import/Export
New Feature
Now supports AutoCAD DWG format!
IGES Export
DXF Export now supports 3DFACES
Gerber Import (arcs)
DXF Import (Handle Invalid Polygons)
Gerber Import (Handle Invalid Polygons)
Enter License Key Dialog
Bug Fix
Over 25 other improvements & fixes
New Feature
Database Accuracy. Choose from "Optimized" to "1/10000 micron".
New Feature
"Ask a Question" edit window instantly finds answers to questions.
New Feature
Now Supports Arcs
Gerber Import (Explode Polygon feature)
Ignore Units Warning Option. (Located in preferences)
DXF Export (Outputs arcs)
DXF Import (Handle Invalid Polygons)
Gerber Export (Outputs arcs)
ODB++ Import (Outputs arcs)
Handle Invalid Layer Names
Bug Fix
Over 5 other improvements & fixes

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