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Numerical Innovations Inc. is a black owned business that develops software to facilitate the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards, MEMs, IC, Microwave/RF, and optical components. We are proud to boast a customer base of over 3000 unique companies and universities.

Our Story...

Numerical Innovations Inc. was founded by Simon Garrison and Steve Geiger, two veterans of the PCB industry with nearly 20 years of software development experience.

Simon met Steve while they were both attending San Jose State University – Simon in the MESA Minority Engineering Program, and Steve in the Business (Marketing) School. When Simon explained to Steve how disappointing and cumbersome the CAD translation software in the market was, they decided to join forces to create Innovative CAD Software, Inc. (ICD).

(Steve and Simon back in 2000)

By the late 90's, Innovative CAD grew from a two man operation to one of the most recognized companies in the PCB CAM market with it’s tools AutoGERB (world's first translator of Gerber data directly from AutoCAD) and CAMtastic! (a CAM viewer which morphed into the first PCB DFM tool of its kind).  The ease of use, comprehensiveness and accuracy of their software started attracting big industry attention. ICD did a promotion with Altium, which included a free seat of CAMtastic! with each purchase of their Protel '99 software; up to that date it was the most successful promotion 'ever' for Altium, and subsequently ICD was acquired by Altium in 2000 for its remarkable technology.

Simon (one of the leading African American developers for PCB and IC related software) went on to work with Altium in Sydney Australia for several years managing their CAM division.  Afterwards he started a new company MicroEDA focused on developing tools for the IC/MEMs industry which was later sold. Steve started a successful advertising and public relations firm, which he eventually sold as well.


Numerical Innovations, Inc was founded in 2006 and currently maintains popular software tools like FAB 3000, DFM Now!, ACE Translator 3000, Numerical Cloud, and CloudDFM.com. We are revolutionizing the way CAM and DFM are done for PCBs – again with the philosophy of being easy to use, comprehensive and accurate, while providing exceptional value for their customers.  We're proud to have a large and diverse customer base including leading companies such as:  Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, IBM, and hundreds of top universities worldwide.  Just about every country in the world uses our software tools daily!

Mission Statement: We have become a leader in the EDA software industry by empowering electronic designers and engineers with clever, cost effective software to prepare their designs for manufacturing.


Numerical Innovations at the PCB West show (Santa Clara, California):

Miranda Yip (Sales Manager):

Miranda, just before the doors opened up at the PCB West show.

Steve Geiger (Marketing Manager):

Steve - Our Marketing Guru!

Simon Garrison (Engineering):

Simon - Demonstrating FAB 3000 and DFM Now!

Simon - Creating worldwide business relationships and satisfying the requirements of our valued customers.