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CAM Library API

Build Powerful CAM/EDA/3D Applications in weeks!

Super Easy to Use. Drastically Reduces your time to Market.

 (Sample DFM report by CAM Library)

 Get Powerful Front-End Manufacturing  software without the GUI.

 64-bit Linux Based Architecture. Also available on Windows 32/64 bit.

 Easily integrates with all modern programming languages and web frameworks such as Node.js, Python, etc.

 Automate and Customize all CAM features to specifically meet your companies requirements.

 Driving Successful Growth and Profitability for customers since 2016!

New - CAM Library Version 3.0 Released!

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Set of C++ libraries to develop fast and robust CAM/EDA applications.


WEB toolkit (API)

 Build your own cloud services and use this WEB toolkit to perform all processing.  Reduce costs with pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Light-weight server-based solution for Batch processing of PCB Manufacturing data.

Successful CAM Library Implementations

PCB:NG - On-Demand PCB Assembly

Using our Powerful Front-End Manufacturing solution (Cam Library based on 64-bit Linux Architecture), PCB:NG is able to improve customer awareness from the initial stage of uploading their files, thru order placement, and product realization. PCB:NG has been a customer since 2016, and were recently acquired by Industry-leading PCB Design software developer Altium!

An Easy to use Web API empowering anyone to build PCB manufacturing apps in the Cloud - No web experience needed! CloudDFM is available online anytime, and easily integrates with all modern web frameworks such as Node.js, Python & more.

CAM Library was used as an embedded conversion tool for SEMCAD X which allows it to easily import Gerber, ODB++, and GDSII formats; plus we added netlist extraction capabilities. Using CAM Library SEMCAD X was able to perform complex simulation for EMC/EMI testing on electronic circuits.

CAM Library is used for many other purposes including:

 Automated in-house CAM and Panelization solution.

 Concurrent in-house DFM and CAM solution for large design teams.

 CAD/EDA/3D conversion capabilities embedded into commercial software.

 And much more!

Captured Images from websites using CAM Library


CAM Library API Documentation

 Click here to view the complete CAM Library API Reference >



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