End of Support - Software Lifecycle

All good things must come to an end.  Eventually as software becomes outdated, it becomes more expensive and cumbersome to maintain.  Here's more information about a products lifecycle, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End-of-life_product

The software products listed below have reached the end of their lifecycle and will no longer receive new technical developments or support. We strongly encourage users to upgrade their software to avoid any possible potential for: Security vulnerabilities, incompatibility, compliance issues, poor performance and reliability.

 Can I still use these older Versions?
Yes, you may continue to use the unsupported software at your own discretion. For the reasons described above, we encourage users to migrate to a current version.

 How do I migrate to a current Version?
1. Contact Sales for assistance migrating to a current Version.  Ask about our Lifetime Maintenance plans where you get all technical support, license replacements, and upgrades free - forever.
2. Numerical Cloud - $75 Monthly Subscription. We offer a low cost, cancel anytime - monthly subscription called "Numerical Cloud" allowing users to stay current and help their business prosper.


March 2022

EasyGerb 7

EasyGerb has supported all AutoCAD releases from 2000-2022.

Solution: Both ACE 3000 and FAB 3000 can easily perform the same Gerber conversion results as EasyGerb.  For existing customers, the complete EasyGerb source code (including Visual Studio 2019 Project/Solution environment, and build instructions) is available for purchase. If interested in EasyGerb source, please contact us directly.

ACE 3000 (for FUJIFILM - OEM)  - All Versions

Released in 2008 and included with each new Dimatix printer purchase.

Solution:  FUJIFILM Dimatix (Bitmap) export is now available in ACE Translator Version 8.1.5+, https://www.numericalinnovations.com/blogs/news/ace-3000-revision-8-1-5-64-bit-released


December 2019

End of Support: FAB 3000 Version 7 - EasyGerb Version 5,6 -  ACE 3000 (for FUJIFILM - OEM) Version 7

Released in 2014 & 2015 respectively, these products have reached their "End-Of-Life" (December 2019) and are no longer updated or supported. 

January 2015

End of Support - FAB 3000 Version 5,6 - ACE Translator Version 5,6 - EasyGerb Version 4

Released in 2009 & 2010 respectively, these products have reached their "End-Of-Life" (January 2015) and are no longer updated or supported.

April 2011

End of Support - FAB 3000 Version 3,4 - ACE Translator Version 4 - EasyGerb Version 2,3

Released between 2006-2008 respectively, these products have reached their "End-Of-Life" (April 2011) and are no longer updated or supported.