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We're proud to have a customer base of over 2000 unique companies (partial list):


Microsoft Corporation SONY Apple Inc.
United States Navy Alcatel-Lucent Texas Instruments
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) General Electric (GE) DELTEC Automotive
Altera Hitachi WaveStream
Hughes Philips Applied Technologies QSecure, Inc
Agilent Toshiba Dalsa Inc.
3M Qimonda ARC Wireless Solutions
Boston Scientific Corporation KLA-Tencor Tichawa Vision GmbH
Johnson & Johnson SANYO Advanced Monolythic Ceramics
Hewlett-Packard ATK MRTS Virident Systems Inc.
Sandia National Laboratories Cree, Inc NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
And many others...


Our customer testimonials say more than we ever could:

"I advocate to the students and staff the idea of using a vector illustrator like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustration to design a board layer. I have been doing it this way for almost 20 years. Your beautiful tool, Fab3000v6 imports eps files of each layer and converts them to gerber flawlessly. I then use your tool to examine all layers before shipping them to fab. Obviously, I do not like Pads and Orcad, etc. For my liking they are too procedural and remove you from the actual gerber, etc. I could probably write a book on the advantages of a vector program, and especially the new 3D ones like solid works combined with your tools. I have 25+ years experience in the chip world, where layout is king and schematics are all but obsolete."

Michael E. Fleming, Portland State University

"FAB 3000 is a great product. It more than stacks up against the competition, it is truly a notch above providing features such as sophisticated panelization that I only got with an expensive upgrade to my GerbTool - and even wasn't as capable as FAB 3000. Combine what is a superior product with the top notch, responsive support that Numerical Innovations provides, and you have a winning combination!"

Neil Szuminsky, Necessity Consulting

"I have created and converted 15 ACAD files to date with no issues thus far. EasyGerb is indeed very fast and easy to use just as the name implies. An actual conversion takes only seconds... I am especially pleased that in less than 3 weeks our data conversion cost savings have already offset 60% of our investment cost.”

Dan Hughes, Towne Technologies Inc.

"FAB 3000 ALWAYS works, even when other programs don't. Your software ROCKS!! So does the support. Wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent product and support. Your CAM minion... Russ."

Russell Steiner, Amtech Electrocircuits

"I liked your program ACE 3000, it is easy to use. I used the conversion for our photomask design. It worked fine, I got no errors, that was great.”

Connie Kempen., Redondo Optics, Inc

"I did try ACE 3000 and it worked perfectly. I translated a gerber file to a DXF. I normally do board design in Mentor's PADs product and it has a miserable DXF translator. ACE 300) worked great in this application."

Carol Henley, Xilinx

"EasyGerb did exceed my expectations as it did exactly what I wanted and it was simple to use and a small program to install within AutoCAD.”

Rise Chang, QinetiQ

"FAB 3000 took me about 5 minutes to find out where I could find what option, but after these 5 minutes, I found the program to be very intuitive."

Marnix, Binary Development

"I really appreciate it and will pass on FAB 3000 capabilities/website info to our associates that use this type of software. I've been wanting to modify this board for several years and could not find the appropriate software. Using FAB 3000 it took me only several hours to tackle the mods.”

Mike Barth, Subsea Systems, Inc

"Using EasyGerb I was able to export photolithography masks from AutoCAD to extend gerber format and our plotting services were able to print it. So for I can say that for this specific application EasyGerb worked perfectly. "

Tania Tenreiro., Biosurfit S.A.

"I chose FAB 3000 because the free demo impressed me. The interface was intuitive and simple enough for a novice to get the job done (I was able to figure things out and get a stencil made on the first try). Also, the price was lower than some of the competing packages with similar functionality.”

Matt Barnett, KEYW Corporation

"Since receiving the demo version of FAB 3000 I have been using it daily. This software has proven itself to be a valuable tool for opening corrupted gerber files dating back to 1994. I liked the performance of this product enough to purchase today the Professional license to gain the full functionality of this product."

Larry Morgan, ABAXIS Inc.

"I actually just finish creating a PCB design using AutoCad/EasyGerb and will be submitting this job for quotes. I was surprised at how easy this was to use. The fact that I was able to create gerber data using EasyGerb while in AutoCad is a big plus. Before using EasyGerb, I was using {competitive translator} to perform a DXF to Gerber conversion. This required another file saved in DXF before importing to {competitive translator}. Now I don't need a DXF file. This equals less hard drive space usage and one less step in the process. Just for comparison, {competitive translator} initial cost is $2000.00 with an annual support of $240.00. I would definitely recommend EasyGerb for purchase to users who design PCB using AutoCad. Keep the cost down and I think more will switch to this product.”

Don Balza., Avago Technologies Limited

“FAB 3000 works quite well and I am very impressed! I imported a ODB++ file and converted it to Gerber with no issues ... impressive!”

Ron L., R&D Design Associates

"I found ACE Translator pretty useful and nice product. I was able to convert a couple of small projects from Gerber into ODB++ format. I'm not an expert in CAD field but overall I'm very pleased with ACE Translator”

Konstantin O., Altera Corp.

"I used the ACE Translator just to convert a few gdsii files into the dxf format (regarding a mask for semiconductor devices). My impression was that it is easy to use and if somebody would need a program for converting, I would recommend the ACE Translator."

Christian G., Walter Schottky Institute

"FAB 3000 works very well, no problems, no issues... you have an excellent product. I'd like to mention it to a couple forums I use.”

George Jerome, eCOOlogy Systems

"I am glad to inform you that all internal presentations of our CAM tool benchmark was received well. We have recommended Fab it! as standard CAM software for Qimonda worldwide."

Soeren N., Qimonda

"FAB 3000 works quite well and I am very impressed! I imported a ODB++ file and converted it to Gerber with no issues ... impressive!”

Ron L., R&D Design

"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that your program - visual chip - is being utilized here with no issues. We have used the enterprise method of installation and have found that with just minimal training, everyone can use it and has only a small learning curve. Thanks for the good work and support."

James M., Lilliputian Systems

"I was pleasantly surprised to find out how well FAB 3000 performed on our Linux network. It was very easy to use, and extremely Fast! I will definitely recommend Fab It to our other departments.”

Douglas R.,SONY

"I must say this at the start, this is an EXCELLANT program. I was using a few other similiar programs that required complicated setup to just produce a poor plot of the files I have to convert. ACE 3000 loaded the .jpg files and with little effort I was able to produce .dxf and gerber data files. I was so impressed with the results I had to do the conversion several times just to make sure it was real!"

Doug Caudill, M.C. Assembly

"Great Product! EasyGerb works as advertised, and I was able to generate gerbers from my AutoCAD drawings in minutes. The Fab It gerber viewer and editor also worked nicely with EasyGerb. Keep up the good work!"

Gary S., FreeScale

"Numerical Innovations, provides software tools that have helped me produce high-resolution masks from my original AutoCAD drawings. They have been a valuable and cost effective solution. It is an absolute must for me."

Parminder M., PTI

"Visual Chip is the most price effective GDSII viewer I have ever used. It's very quick, intuitive and includes many useful features. I would definitely recommend this product."

Nguyen Than, HP

“Visual Chip is so affordable and fast, I now have the ability to view designs at work, home, or on the go! I would recommend it to anyone who needs to easily view designs in GDSII, OASIS, or LEF/DEF.”

Bob Echols, Laser Technology

"This truly is the 'Next Generation' of IC plotting. My GDSII files are typically 1GB in size, and I was easily able to create 'E' Size PDF files that were under 25MBs! These outputted PDF files are so small and compact, I can view & plot them to our HP Designjet from Adobe Acrobat without any hassle. I now keep an archive of all my GDSII designs in PDF format for easy reference.

Rajeev N., Motorola

"I did manage to work with the ace translator and it works fine. I recommend the Ace translator for Gerber -> DXF conversion , Hope this will be done soon since we do need it"

Liran V., Philips Electronics

"I'm totally impressed with FAB 3000 and the speedy response from your support team

Peter L., Johnson & Johnson