Custom Software Development

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We're a leader in the development of Custom EDA/CAD/3D Software Tools, Translators, and DFM Solutions. Contact Us below for a free Quote.

"Numerical Innovations was very flexible in finding a pricing and licensing model that was acceptable for both of our organizations. I think our customers will benefit from the enhanced features of the new software." Kai Sudau, FUJIFILM


Our valued clients include:

PCB:NG - On-Demand PCB Assembly

Using our Powerful Front-End Manufacturing solution (Cam Library based on 64-bit Linux Architecture), PCB:NG is able to improve customer awareness from the initial stage of uploading their files, thru order placement, and product realization. PCB:NG has been a customer since 2016, and were recently acquired by Industry-leading PCB Design software developer Altium!

  We developed a high-resolution bitmap rasterization and conversion software tool for FUJIFILM Dimatix printers. Using our technology, FUJIFILM can rasterize images (up to 1 million DPI accuracy), easily import popular EDA formats (such as Gerber, DXF, DWG, GDSII, OASIS, ODB++, Postscript), edit geometry, and perform batch processing; as a result opening the door for increased opportunities in the electronics industry.
We developed Coherent's proprietary LaserLink CAD/CAM software designed specifically for laser cutting (formally Beam Dynamics). Using our technology, Coherent has a full-featured CAD/CAM software that lets their customers easily edit geometry, manipulate layers, control the tool path, step-and-repeat parts and combine multiple processes.
We created an embedded conversion tool for SEMCAD X which allows it to easily import Gerber, ODB++, and GDSII formats; plus we added netlist extraction capabilities. Using our technology SEMCAD X can now perform complex simulation for EMC/EMI testing on electronic circuits.
We created an embedded AutoCAD conversion application that runs directly inside AutoCAD.  Using our technology Anaren is able to easily output Gerber files, retain a high-resolution arc quality, and optimize the data output using Step and Repeat codes. The tool is used daily by their entire engineering staff.
We developed a custom utility used to enlarge/reduce geometries. Using our technology, Kodak was able to properly compensate beforehand the geometric variations that occurred in materials during their proprietary chemical etching process.
Plus Many more companies have benefited from our Custom Development Services.