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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is license activation?

Activation is a quick and easy process to validate your license and permits you the freedom to easily move your license to another computer.

 Why do you use an activation system?

We use a license activation system to help prevent piracy and protect your investment in our software. This enables us to continue developing professional engineering tools at a competitive price.

 Does the activation system collect any of my private data?

No, it does not collect any details about you or your computer although you may optionally enter your email address for easy password retrieval.

 When do I need to activate (or re-activate)?

Our software tools need to be activated for the first time once you have purchased a license.
Once activated, it will remain so unless any of the following situations are encountered, in which case it will revert to Unregistered and need to be re-activated:
•it is accessed from a different Windows user login,
•installed and run on another computer,
•re-installed on the same computer after a disk reformat,
•has not connected to the license server for at least four weeks (licenses activated online only),
•your license subscription period has expired.
Note that if your license subscription has expired, you will need to renew it or purchase a new license before re-activating.

 Does activation require an internet connection?

For most licenses, activation is carried out online and requires an Internet connection. However offline (no internet) is available using a traditional FLEXnet License Key (which is locked to a computer using Ethernet Address).  Flexnet License Key cannot be transferred to another computer.

 What are the advantages of online activation?

Unlike other activation systems, online activation does not tie your license to your hardware. Instead it ties your license is your activation code and the password that you define. This makes it easy to re-activate after reformatting your hard drive, upgrading hardware components in your computer, logging in under a different user profile, or moving your software to a new computer.

 How do I activate online for the first time?

1. Start our software product, and go to menu:  Help | Enter License Key | Activate...
Note: Or at startup if you see a Enter License Key dialog, select "I have an Activation Code."
2. Enter your activation code, and complete the registration process.
Note: When prompted create a unique password that you will remember.  You will be asked for that password, in the event you need to transfer your license to another computer or re-install the software.
Important: Please remember the activation password you assign is CASE SENSITIVE and should be between 4-16 characters. Please make sure to only use characters: 0-9, a-z, A-Z (avoid using punctuation marks and symbols such as @, &, and *, for example).