ACE 3000 Version 7.8.9 Released

BITMAP Export - Separate X and Y Scaling.
TIFF Export - Separate X and Y Scaling.
Customize Dialog - Assign Hot Keys and shortcuts.
ACE 3000 (for FujiFilm Dimatix Printers) has been freely added to Numerical Cloud.  Anyone who wishes to use ACE 3000 (for FujiFilm Dimatix Printers) can now easily signup for Numerical Cloud and get started immediately.
Hot Keys are now fully functional in the ACE Viewer/Editor.
Gerber Import - Ability to handle Aperture Definition (%AD%) in the body of the Gerber file (typically in the header).
BITMAP Export - Image distortion that only occurred for certain resolutions has been fixed.
Import ACE Workspace - Has been restored to Import Format pulldown.
5 other minor bug fixes.