FAB 3000 Version 7.5.6 Released

Gerber X2 format is fully supported! Import and Export Gerber X2 files.
Copper Pour has a new option to Avoid Drill Holes plus improved quality.
DFM Check - Check for Minimum Gap on Same Net.
Drag Chamfer.  Select trace segment and dynamically drag to new location.
Added Midpoint for Object Snap.
Export PCB can now export Rout/Mill simultaneously with Gerber and Drill.
Drill Import better detects drill files and hole definitions from external report files.
Numerical Cloud activation requires email (used to search when activation code is lost).
Gerber Import has been improved.
Auto-Rout: PCB Border has been improved.
Auto-Rout: PCB Cutout has been improved.
ODB++ Import has been improved.
Polygon conversion has been improved.
DFM Check has fewer false positives.
DFM Check progress bar is more responsive during intense calculations.
DFM Check Find Acid Traps has been improved.
PCB Border detection has been improved.
DXF/DWG Export - Components outlines and ref designators are maintained.
PCB RFQ removed a bug that caused occasional crashing.
Print to Printer.  Page size did not adjust for printers with 11X17 Paper size.
DFM Check fixed crash that occurred during Rout to Board edge clearance.
About 25 other minor bug fixes.