FAB 3000 Version 7.5.15 Released

Panel Setup dialog. Very User Friendly with the ability to open, save, and share panel setup configuration files. 
Add Fiducials (to individual PCB and Panels).
Add Venting patterns to Panel. Helps maintain etching rates throughout the entire panel and other manufacturing processes.
Add Tooling Holes to Panel.
Add Mill Tab with double sided mouse bites
Delete Nets. Remove unneeded nets.
Drill Export has a new option to export X,Y coordinates with decimal places. (Improves compatibility with other CAM systems)
New Native Aperture Shape "Hash".  Used as a fiducial marking for various panels.
Gerber Import - Provide user option for 360 degree arcs found in polygons.
Drill Import - Better scale of drill files to match Gerbers. 
ODB++ Export - Symbols have been optimized for better compatibility with other CAM tools.
NC/Rout Export - Set control option to switch between NC Drill and Rout modes.
PCB Panel Wizard - Center PCB's in Panel has been improved.
Synchronize Layers is more efficient.
Panel Mode - Primary Tool bar and user interface has been improved.
Property and Table widgets have been improved.  Easier to click individual cells and embedded combo boxes.  Behaves more effectively on Linux platforms.
Linux interface has been improved.
About 25 other minor bug fixes.