FAB 3000 Version 7.9.2 Released

IPC-2581 Export.
DFM Check now includes an option for Comprehensive and Exhausted Search for Errors.
DFM Check now includes Test Point verification. Find Test Points without a Net, Minimum Clearance, Minimum Diameter, Missing mask openings, and more.
Edit Properties, now has the ability to modify test point diameters.
Gerber Import - Better handle older RS274D files during import (such as detecting internal apertures, format details, etc.).
Centroid Export - Output unique component names for Panels with multiple PCB's.
ODB++ Export - Output or Rout paths has been improved.
DFM Reports - Now supports Micron Units option.
DFM Check - "Find Net Descrepancy" check has been improved.
IPC-2581 Import has been improved.
ODB++ Import - Component import has been improved.
Convert IPC Netlist file to Components has been improved.
GDSII Import has been improved.
NC/Rout Import has been improved.
Compare Jobs has been improved.
Compare Layers has been improved.
DFM Check - "Minimum Clearance: Drill-Copper" has been removed due to redundancy with existing check "Minimum Annular Ring: Drill-Pad".
About 10 other minor bug fixes.