FAB 3000 Version 7.9.8 Released

Separate Non-Plated Drills. Moves non-plated drills from a single drill file into 2 separate layers.
View Component Pin #'s.  Allows component pin numbers to be visible in the editor.
Add and edit routed Arcs.
Add Score Lines now has an option to either extend Score lines to Panel edge or PCB border edges.
Create FAB Drawing - Open/Save Configurations.  You can now customize your FAB and Panel drawings plus open/save the configurations.
Create Panel Drawing.  You can now detailed panel drawings show each job and reference within the finished panel.
API's - getDcode(), setDcode(), dbLayer::getNumber(), dbLayer::setNumber()
Venting has been improved for irregular shape PCB's.
Generate Panel Outlines has been improved for irregular shape PCB's.
Create FAB drawing has been drastically improved. 
Add Tab has been improved to better handle irregular shape PCB's.
Edit Fillet command has been improved.
Gerber Import has been improved.
NC Drill/Rout Import has been improved.
NC Mill/Rout Export has been improved.
Centroid Export has been improved for Panels.
DXF Export - Components appear in the DXF file the same as when displayed in the editor.
Arc detection during export has been improved for formats:  DXF, DWG, Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581, and NC Drill/Rout.
Prevent Lua Editor from conflict with custom hot-keys.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.