FAB 3000 Version 8.2.0 (64-bit) Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

First 64-bit version of FAB 3000 released with improved performance and ability to process larger files.
3D Engine has been completely redone for optimized 3D STEP/STL Conversions.
BOM File Comparison.  Find and highlight any differences between CAM Files (Gerber, ODB+, IPC2581) and BOM/Centroid files.
Generate a specific defined DFM Check PDF Report, https://support.numericalinnovations.com/discussions/topics/14000017225
ODB++ Import and Export have been improved.
BOM Import has been improved, plus added templates for Altium and Eagle BOM files.
FAB 3000 Matrix file capabilities have been drastically improved. The matrix file allows you to automate just about any Gerber/CAM related task including: DFM Checks, Panelization, Editing, Exporting, and much more. https://www.numericalinnovations.com/pages/fab-3000-matrix-file-description
DFM Check. Find Missing mask clearances has been improved.
DFM Check.  Minimum Annular Ring for Drill-SMT Stencil Pad has been improved.
DFM Assembly Check. Find Invalid Component Reference Designators has been improved.
DFM Assembly Check. BOM comparison has been improved.
Object Selection has been fixed.
PDF Report - Text not fitting in the proper area has been fixed.
Aperture Rules dialog crash has been fixed.
22 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.