FAB 3000 Version 8.3.21 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Array Staggered. Arrays the selection in a staggered (hexagon) pattern. Typically used to optimize circular objects.
Option: Copy Objects Mode. Determines what Net/Component information to retain when copying objects.
Add Coupons and Inserts for Panelization.
Add Labels with Dynamic Text for Panelization.
Add Objects into the Panel such as: Rout, Score, Polygon, Line, Path, Circle, Arc
Selection Filter Toggle. Toggles the selection filter on/off. Use Key F6
Grid Snap Mode. Restricts cursor movement to specified grid intervals. Use Key F9
Grid Display Mode. Turns the grid display on and off. Use Key F7
New example Matrix files (*.fm6), Panel Setup files (*.pan).
Entire GUI has been improved, plus Tool tips are now available everywhere to help provide more information.
Synchronize Layers - Easier to use with more automation. Perfect when different PCB jobs need to be merged onto a panel.
Detect Layer Types has been improved. Automatically recognizes even more layer types.
Add Tab. New options are available to add tabs on rounded/circular PCB edges.
Panel Wizard. Both Fixed Size and Smallest Panel are easier to use. Select external Job files (*.job) for inclusion in the panel.
Job Insert. Can now add Job inserts as a Staggered Arrayed. Typically used to optimize area for circular jobs. There is now an option to use spacing
Job Insert.  Job Spacing is now an option to use spacing between Inserts (previously only distance was accepted).  
Panel Setup dialog has been improved. 
Selection Filter dialog.
Add Pin has been improved in the Package Editor.
PCB Border automatic detection has been improved.
Add Fiducial. Now adds appropriate sized Mask pads.
30 other minor bug fixes and UI Improvements have been made.