FAB 3000 Version 8.3.5 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

ODB++ Export Option - Fix Invalid Polygons/Surfaces. If checked, repairs invalid surface polygons that cause issues with 3D simulation, etc.
ODB++ Export Option - Export Profile. If checked, automatically exports a profile - even if one has not been defined.
Show/Hide Dielectric Layer display in Layers table (menu: View | Layer Display | Show/Hide Dielectric Layers)
Export DXF (Optimized).  Add an extra feature to ensure outputted DXF is compatible with the latest AutoCAD releases.  DWG export is already optimized for the latest AutoCAD releases and recommended over DXF.
Default Arc Deviation setting is easier to set (menu: Setup | Options..., tab "Default values")
Stackup Configuration file now includes Blind/Buried Drill setup information.
ODB++ Export generates more efficient surfaces.
Automatic Detection of a PCB Border has been improved
Gerber Export. All files now include all layer specific attributes.
DXF Export. Removed AcDbSolid and replaced with AcDbTrace