Numerical Innovations is pleased to announce that DFM Now! (Version 6.6) has been released. DFM Now! is a Free Gerber Viewer and DFM solution which may be downloaded from -

DFM Now! is provided at no cost to give hobbyist and small PCB designers the ability to verify their PCB design data is good before sending out to manufacturing. DFM Checks are performed instantly & securely right on your computer. There are currently over 30,000 registered users of DFM Now! spanning across the globe from: United States, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, China, and more.

DFM Now! (Version 6.6) has more free Gerber related features than just about any software tool in the world, plus it no longer shows any ads, and internet connection is not required anymore -- this should benefit many corporate/government users who were unable to use DFM Now! in the past due to Internet/Proxy restrictions.  We will continue to improve DFM Now! and the next release DFM Now! (Version 7), should have up to 5X improvement in processing speed.

If you like DFM Now! and would like even more features (such as Netlist Compare, Merge/Panelize PCB's, Build Centroids, Export data and more) -- than we would strongly encourage you to upgrade to FAB 3000.  For a complete side-by-side listing of features available in FAB 3000 compared to DFM Now! - view the following link:

It's been an awesome opportunity to provide DFM Now! to thousands of users worldwide.


The Numerical Innovations Team