EasyGerb is unique because it runs directly inside of AutoCAD Mechanical and outputs gerber files faster than you can export a DXF file.  Here's an online movie showing how to quickly load EasyGerb into AutoCAD, configure EasyGerb, and convert to Gerber. See Link:

(1) If you haven't done so already, download and Install EasyGerb (for AutoCAD Mechanical):

(2) Loading EasyGerb Inside AutoCAD Mechanical

Since EasyGerb is a plug-in for AutoCAD, so it must be loaded into the AutoCAD environment before it can be used.  EasyGerb is installed into the folder (typically "C:\Numerical Innovations\EasyGerb\"). There is one EasyGerb ARX file for each version of AutoCAD. The EasyGerb file name indicates the release of AutoCAD that it has been designed for.

Please be sure to use the EasyGerb ARX file that corresponds to your version of AutoCAD.

EasyGerb2010mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2010
EasyGerb2011mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2011
EasyGerb2012mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2012
EasyGerb20XXmech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 20XX

EasyGerb2010_64mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 (64-bit)
EasyGerb2011_64mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 (64-bit)
EasyGerb2012_64mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 (64-bit)
EasyGerb20XX_64mech.arx    -> AutoCAD Mechanical 20XX (64-bit)

Note: XX - denotes future versions of AutoCAD.

To load EasyGerb into AutoCAD Mechanical please follow the steps listed below:
 A. Select "Load Application..." from "Tools" menu or enter the "APPLOAD" command.
-This will activate the dialog "Load/Unload Applications"
 B. Select location of the EasyGerb ARX file: EasyGerb20XX.arx (XX is the AutoCAD version you are using)
 C. Click "Load" to load EasyGerb into AutoCAD.
 D. Click "Close" to exit.
 E. To start EasyGerb Type (at the command prompt): "EasyGerb"
-This will start "EasyGerb"

Note: Loading EasyGerb can be a one time process if you place EasyGerb.arx into your AutoCAD "Startup Suite". The next time you run AutoCAD, EasyGerb will automatically load itself.

(3) Go to EasyGerb menu: File | Enter License Key...

(4) To get your permanent License Key, press the button "Get Permanent Key...", and fill out the form.  A license key will be e-mailed to you shortly afterwards.

NOTE:   Should any technical or licensing questions arise, please contact our support team:  http://www.numericalinnovations.com/pages/customer-support

WeI strongly encourage you to participate in our Support Center. Many questions you have may be instantly answered, please visit: