Creating Gerbers doesn't get any easier than EasyGerb.

William Barker, Senior Process Development Engineer, Anaren Microwave, Inc.

I have created and converted 15 ACAD files to date with no issues thus far. EasyGerb is indeed very fast and easy to use just as the name implies. An actual conversion takes only seconds... I am especially pleased that in less than 3 weeks our data conversion cost savings have already offset 60% of our investment cost.

Dan Hughes, Towne Technologies Inc.

I actually just finish creating a PCB design using AutoCad/EasyGerb and will be submitting this job for quotes. I was surprised at how easy this was to use. The fact that I was able to create gerber data using EasyGerb while in AutoCad is a big plus. Before using EasyGerb, I was using ASM500 to perform a DXF to Gerber conversion. This required another file saved in DXF before importing to ASM500. Now I don't need a DXF file. This equals less hard drive space usage and one less step in the process. I would definitely recommend EasyGerb for purchase to users who design PCB using AutoCad.

Don Balza, Avago Technologies

New! EasyGerb 7 Released - Runs inside AutoCAD 2013 - 2022 and AutoCAD Mechanical


EasyGerb is an ARX Plug-In, perfect for AutoCAD users looking for the easiest & most powerful way to output gerber files.

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 NO DXF OR DWG FILES NEEDED - EasyGerb outputs Gerber files in the same time it takes to create a DXF!  EasyGerb allows you to export Gerber files while inside AutoCAD - Simply select any entities and create Gerber files - instantly! This tool is by far the easiest-to-use Gerber conversion solution for any AutoCAD user.

TUTORIAL: Load EasyGerb into AutoCAD, configure, and convert to Gerber.

EasyGerb allows you to export Gerber files directly from AutoCAD - Simply select any objects and begin creating Gerber files - instantly! This tool is by far the easiest-to-use Gerber conversion solution for any AutoCAD user and converts from AutoCAD to Gerber in the time it takes to make a DXF file!
Start & Configure EasyGerb, Load EasyGerb inside AutoCAD using the command "appload". Once EasyGerb starts, you will see the main screen (see right). Simply check the layers you want to convert, and configure any other options you require. Press button "OK" to select entities for gerber conversion.

Select Entities..., Since EasyGerb runs inside AutoCAD, you can use all the powerful selection tools that already exist, to choose the entities you want to convert to gerber.

Note: If your drawing contains title blocks, reference lines, or other non-essential conversion objects, you do not need to select them. Only EasyGerb lets you selectively choose what entities you want to convert; avoiding excess data & processing time.

The Gerber Conversion is Done!, When EasyGerb has finished the conversion a report dialog displays the count of entities converted, location of the gerber files, and any warnings. You can now instantly view the converted gerber files by clicking on the button 'View Gerbers with FAB 3000'. If you wish to use another gerber viewer program, simply start that program and load the gerber files.

After viewing the gerber files, you can now send them directly to your photo-plotter or board shop. Note: If you perform more than 1-2 conversions per year, we strongly recommend that you purchase the EasyGerb + FAB 3000 Bundle. This will allow you to seamlessly convert, view, edit, and run DRC/DFM checks on your gerber files.

More Customer Testimonials:

Using EasyGerb I was able to export photolithography masks from AutoCAD to extend gerber format and our plotting services were able to print it. So for I can say that for this specific application EasyGerb worked perfectly.

Tania Tenreiro, Biosurfit

From downloading EasyGerb, installing it, using it for production requirements and the overall experience, it would have to receive a grade of A+. I had brief experience with another program (ASM500) and found EasyGerb familiar yet more streamlined.

Todd Mills, TriQuint

I would rate my experience with EasyGerb and Numerical Innovations as top notch. I got all my questions answered promptly and completely. I find the user forum very useful.

Matt Shimabukuro, IDD Aerospace Corp.

EasyGerb is the easiest gerber generator that I have used. My rating is positive. The software and support are good.

Evan Green, ProbeLogic

EasyGerb was very easy to use. We wanted a plugin to AutoCAD, our native working environment, and EasyGerb supplied us with that.

The University of Queensland

Easygerb is awesome, an easy to use yet powerful application within autocad I would recommend this to anyone wanting to convert Autocad files into gerber format. I have tried many stand alone programs before I found this, compared to easygerb all the other programs are junk. easygerb is by far the best and most accurate and easy to use autocad files to gerber file converters.

Black Hills State University


Mitch Gordon, Consultant


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