FAB 3000

CAM Features
User Friendly & Intuitive Gerber Viewing environment.
Create high-resolution Adobe® PDF files (up to 'E' Size).
Open and Save Workspace files (*.wrk)
Gerber (RS-274D, RS-274X, Fire9000)
Import CAD and CAM aperture lists
NC Drill, Rout & Mill
Netlist (IPC-D-356 / IPC-D-356A)
Postscript and PDF
Part Centroid File
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Large Bitmap (Import huge bitmaps of any size)
3D STEP (AP 203, AP 214, AP 242)  (3D Add-On)
3D STL  (3D Add-On)
Gerber (RS-274D, RS-274X, Fire9000)
NC Drill, Rout & Mill
Netlist (IPC-D-356 / IPC-D-356A)
Part Centroid File
BOM File
Large Bitmap (Export huge bitmaps of any size)
Large TIFF (Export huge tiff files of any size)
3D STEP (AP 203, AP 214, AP 242)  (3D Add-On)
3D STL  (3D Add-On)
Complete Viewing capabilities ( Unlimited Zoom, Pan, Scrolling, etc.)
Positive / Negative Data Handling - View composites on a single layer (not separated like other CAM software tools)
Query: All object properties  (Dcode, Layer, and more)
Align Layers with different origins.
Measure: Point to Point
Measure: Object to Object (find closest distance between selected objects).
Measure: Net to Net (find closest distance between nets)
Physical Comparison between Layers
Graphical Comparison between Layers & Jobs
View Background Image (display scanned data over real data)
Layer Scale X/Y  (Scale layers using separate X and Y values)
Edit (Move, Copy, Rotate, Delete, Flip, Scale, Explode, Array, Stretch, Split, Attributes, Vertex, Trim, Boolean, and more).
Edit Layers (Alignment, Merge, Delete, Add, and more).
Add (Flash, Trace, Polygon, Wide Path, Rectangle, Arc, Circle, Text)
Add (Multi-Line Text, Drill Hits & Rout Paths)
Add (Dimensions)
2D Boolean Operations (OR, AND, XOR, Subtract, Invert, Sequential)
De-Embed Objects (Solves the object-Inside-of-object problem)
Composite Layer Editing (Build, Flatten, & Separate)
Convert Draw to Flash (Interactive & Automatic)
Convert Selected Objects to Custom Aperture
Convert Selected Objects to New Job
Edit/Modify existing Custom Apertures
Merge Overlapping Objects
Film Wizard (Optimize & combines layers for film output)
Polygon Utilities (Join Wizard, Remove Tiny Segments, Chop Polygons, Fix Invalid Polygons)
Fabrication Tools  
Generate PCB Border Layer
Create Fabrication Drawing
Copper Area Calculation
Silkscreen Optimizer
Copper Balancing
Etch Compensation
Pin Hole Elimination
Remove Pads (Isolated/Stacked)
Redundant Line Removal
Teardrop Creation
Grow / Shrink (Enlarge or Reduce Objects)
Remove Covered Data
Generate Paste Layer
Create Drill Layer (PTH)
Convert Gerber Layer to Drill
Netlist Extraction (handles Blind/Buried Vias & Split Planes)
Show all objects that are electronically connected across
Netlist Report
Query Nets
Measure Net to Net
View External Nets
Generate PDF Report for Netlist Comparison errors.
Netlist Compare
Apply External Nets Names
Edit Nets
Netlist Table
Find Net Shorts
Design Rule Check (DFM / DRC)  
Basic DFM Check
DRC Browser Dialog to View warnings & violations
Net Check (Find Shorts/Opens)
Silkscreen over Solder Mask
Non-Functional Pads
Isolated Connections
Mask Slivers
Power/Ground Shorts
Copper Slivers
Solder Bridges
Negative Plane Thermal Conflicts
Starved Thermals
Acid Traps
Antennas / Dangling lines
Panelization / Merge Wizard  
Merge Wizard: Automatically merges multiple PCB's to one panel so they can be manufactured simultaneously - saving up to 50% on fabrication costs
Layer Synchronization (Automatically merge similar type layers)
Add Scoring Lines
Add Outline Layer
Add Cutlines
Add Crop Marks
Edit-In-Place: Edit individually jobs while inside a panel
Insert Job (into Panel)
NC Editor  
Full-Featured NC Drill & Rout Editor
Add Drill: Hole, Slot (G85), Circle (G84), Text Horizontal (M97), Text Vertical (M97).
Add Rout: Path, Slot, Circle Clockwise (G32), Circle Counter-Clockwise (G33).
Add Rout Tab
Change Rout Path Direction
Convert NC Layer to Gerber
Convert Gerber to NC Layer
Add Components
Insert Components
Footprint Detection Wizard
Silkscreen Detection Wizard
Assembly Analysis
Centroid Table Modification
BOM Table Modification
Generate and export Part Centroid File
Generate and export BOM (Bill of Materials) File
Advanced SMT Stencil Tools  
Homebase Pad Conversion
C-Pad Conversion
Split Pads
Scale Pads
Pad Pitch Adjustment
Heel and Toe Edits
Add Epoxy Bars
Bow tie Pads
LUA Custom Applications  
Create, Load, and Run Lua Scripts & Binary Applications
Debug Apps
Built-In App Editor (Edit & run while inside FAB 3000)
Buy, Sell, and Write Custom Lua Apps for FAB 3000