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Last Update: November 9th, 2015

DFM Now Free


FAB 3000

Free Gerber Viewer, ODB++, NC Drill data.

Edit and Save Gerber.

Automated Panelize and Merge Wizard.

Easy to Use. DXF Import/Export Generate Centroids
Basic DFM Check. Pinpoint DFM errors. Netlist Comparison
SMT Stencil Tools. Advanced DFM
Many additional CAM & DFM Features NC Editor. Advanced CAM & 3D features.
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[Compare CAM Features]

It's PRO time...

You asked for it, and we delivered. Introducing DFM Now PRO...

"Finally A Low-Cost Manufacturing Solution that's Packed with Power!™"

DFM Now PRO is extremely easy to use and includes the ability to edit & save Gerber, NC, HPGL, and DXF files. Powerful design verification is available to pinpoint any fabrication and netlist issues in your designs before sending them off to manufacturing -- this will drastically reduce failures, scraps, and revision spins. Essentially you get all the professional features you'd expect in CAM software costing thousands of dollars - for a fraction on the price.

Better Gerber Editor with a Modern GUI.

Introducing DFM Now PRO with a nice modern GUI, intelligent object drag (like a PCB layout tool), merge and panelize jobs, create a realistic PCB preview, and generate documentation.

Better DXF Import.

Demonstrate the robust DXF Importer included with DFM Now PRO. Ability to construct filled Gerber polygons. Handles all text fonts such as TrueType and SHX. DFM Now PRO also supports AutoCAD DWG.

Better ODB++ Import.

Load multiple ODB++ files simultaneously - perfect for comparison between designs, or merge them together onto a single panel. Intelligently select which ODB++ Steps & layers to import, and easily navigate between all Steps in the viewer. Displays all component information including outlines and pins.

Other Competitive tools can charge an extra $1000 for ODB++

Better DFM Checker.

Quickly identify issues that affect manufacturability before they cost you money! DFM Now PRO checks for the most common manufacturing problems right in your Gerber files. Includes the ability to modify each design rule, pinpoint and fix any violations, plus generate a detailed PDF report file to share with colleagues.

Other Competitive tools can charge an extra $1000 for DFM Check.

DFM Now PRO is simply BETTER

Starting at only $495, DFM Now PRO meets every budget from students, entrepreneurs, to fortune 500 corporations.