DFM Now! is a free tool allows PCB designers to analyze their Gerber, ODB++, NC files for fabrication and netlist issues beforehand, to prevent scrap and revision spins. Download Now.

DFM Now! - Free Gerber Viewer and DFM Solution

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"Many thanks for your DFMnow tool, an invaluable help !" Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM

"Yes, DFM Now! exceed my expectations. I give it 10/10!" Keshava - Monsoon Multimedia

"So far I'm impressed with what comes for free with DFM Now. It is far superior to any other free Gerber Viewer I have downloaded." Alan Gardner - Woods Whole Oceanographic Institution

"DFM Now! It met my expectations, it looks pretty slick and it is pretty fast too." Paul Alexandrescu – Creation Technologies

"I used GCPrevue before. Now I switched to DFM Now!" Chi – Armour Automotive

"Your product has surpassed all my expectations when working with the format ODB++. Everything is great!" Ilya Solunov

"So far your program exceed our expectation. As freeware DFM Now! rates as 10 of 10." Mark Kroik - GuardTrax

"Yes it did genuinely exceed my expectations. I am basically a one-man-band and so have only intermittent use for DFM Now! but it does everything I need and more. Excellent - Great Software." David Crump - Thermalab

"DFM Now! works exceptionally well, and I'm very happy with it." Phil Lesley - Sequestered Solutions Corporate

"I needed a Gerber viewer to review Gerber files. A small change had been made to an existing pcb, and I needed to see that the change had been properly implemented. DFM Now! Exceeded my expectations. It handled a very big file, and was very easy to use.My overall experience was very positive." Jonathan Schiff – Heart Ware Inc.

"Once getting the gerbers to the proper layer DFM-now works very very well. Just yesterday I recommended it to our fab in China. They liked it too." Lars Andersson – Bellman & Symphon AB

"DFM Now! is a fine program. I run it on two machines and it works exactly as expected." Ed Mutka -Eastern Elite Audio Video

"So far, so good." - Mallory Nicholls

"DFM Now! is pretty good. Considering I've only used it for 20 minutes and I didn't have to read the manual to figure out how it worked. Happy about that!" - Mike

"DFM Now! looks promising in comparison to GCPrevue." - Andrezej

“I like the graphics” David Zirkelbach - Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems

“I’m very pleased with DFM Now, compared to others I’ve tried it’s very powerful!” Larry Johnson - Sunair

“I have viewed sets of data with success so I am happy. I will let you know, should I have any comments in the future.” Claus Mølgaard - Quality and PTA ALPHA-elektronik A/S

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DFM Now! - Way more than just a 'Gerber Viewer'.

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill 'Gerber Viewer', when DFM Now! offers way more for Free:
 Easily View: Gerber, Drill, Rout, & HPGL.
 DFM Check: Find potential manufacturing problems beforehand.
 Generate your own PDF Reports showing DFM Violations.
 Create PDF check plots.
 Create a FAB drawing with only Gerber and Drill files.
 Create Border layers
 Query and Measure any object.
 Convert Gerber Layer to Drill
 and much more..

White Papers, Technical Documents, and other useful information.

PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB MAGAZINE - 'No One Knows the Design Like the Designer'
 FAB 3000 and DFM Now! - Revision History
FAB 3000 and DFM Now! - Online Help Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why do you do offer DFM Now! Free?

DFM Now! is provided at no cost to give hobbyist and small PCB designers the ability to verify their PCB design data is good before sending out to manufacturing. DFM Checks are performed instantly & securely right on your computer. There are currently over 30,000 registered users of DFM Now! spanning across the globe from: United States, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, China, and more.

Do I need internet access to run DFM Now?
No. DFM Now! 6.6 and above no longer requires internet access and will run perfectly fine on any computer -- whether connected to the internet or not.
Can I still use the previous version of DFM Now?
Unfortunately no. The previous version of DFM Now! was "advertising sponsored". The new DFM Now! no longer shows ads and will benefit many corporate/government users who were unable to run DFM Now! in the past due to Internet/Proxy restrictions.
Can I export data from DFM Now? How do I get advanced features like Netlist Compare, Merge/Panelize PCB's, Build Centroids, etc?
To export data or for more advanced features, you will need to upgrade to our popular CAM tool FAB 3000 (see below for a feature comparison).


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