FAB 3000 V7: Gerber Viewing, Editing, Panelization, DRC, DFM, Compare Nets, Build Centroids, DXF, ODB++ and more. Download Trial.

"The Most Easy to Use Gerber Editor, Panelization, & DFM Tool Available."

Gerber Viewing, Editing, Panelization, DRC, DFM, Compare Nets, Build Centroids, DXF, ODB++ and more.

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New! FAB 3000 V7
CAM Software targeted for designers of PCBs, Microwave and RF circuits, chemically milled parts and optical components; and to photomask manufacturers. Perfect for anyone who would like to have "high-end" CAM software to run DRC/DFM verification, edit and output gerber data, compare nets, merge pcb's, generate part centroid files, and perform many other useful features.

The Most Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Gerber/CAM Solution
FAB 3000 uses a "modern GUI" which allows the user to instinctively select and drag objects to edit them. Multiple designs can be separated into tabbed windows and data hierarchy is fully supported, allowing users to easily insert one design into another - resulting in optimized editing and panelization that take up very little memory.

Full-Featured NC Drill & Rout Editor is Included. Add Drill: Hole, Slot (G85), Circle (G84), Text Horizontal (M97), Text Vertical (M97). Add Rout: Path, Slot, Circle Clockwise (G32), Circle Counter-Clockwise (G33). Add Rout Tabs and more.

Merge PCB's - SAVE up to 50% on your Manufacturing Costs
FAB 3000 lets you easily merge different PCB designs together so they can be manufactured as “one set of Gerber files” - saving you $$$ on fabrication costs. FAB 3000 automatically performs all necessary object transformations, dcode & drill tool transcoding. In many cases customers using Merge Wizard will be able to squeeze several PCB designs on a single panel, thereby improving efficiency & saving money. See Tutorial Movie >

Advanced DRC/DFM Checker
Find all hidden manufacturing violations inside your gerber data BEFORE sending them out to manufacturing! FAB 3000 DRC/DFM Bare-Board Analysis tools promptly check your gerber designs for all potential manufacturing problems.

DRC/DFM Checker Include: Find Acid Traps, Minimum Spacing, Thermal Conflicts, Power/Ground shorts, Starved Thermals, Solder Bridges, Mask Slivers, Silkscreen over mask, and much more. Click for more information about Advanced DRC/DFM >

Netlist Comparison
Ensure Your Design Integrity. Nowadays there is an ever growing need to verify PCB designs electrically. Netlist comparison is the most efficient and reliable method of ensuring design integrity has been maintained during the manufacturing stages.

Generate X/Y Centroid Files (aka Pick-and-place file)
Automated equipment is used to place the surface mount components on your pcbs. To rapidly program these machines, a Part Centroid file is required! Some CAD packages will automatically generate this file and some will not. FAB 3000 (Professional Version) can easily create this centroid file from your existing gerber files.

High-Resolution Image RIP Export
Generate high-Resolution images up to 25,400,000 DPI accuracy! Output as either TIFF or Bitmap files. Included are image options to Mirror, Invert Polarity, Trim edges, and data Compression. Perfect for any one who needs high-resolution output for maskless lithography, materials deposition onto substrates, and other manufacturing solutions for MEMs, ICs, Panel Displays, etc. FAB 3000 is the only CAM tool available which directly outputs high-resolution Image RIPS.

Best DXF/DWG Importer Available. Converts to GDS-II and more!
Having a difficult time importing DXF into your current CAM tool? FAB 3000 gives you the most comprehensive DXF importer available with the ability to control import parameters per layer, join open line/arc boundaries, perform de-embedding (automatically detect dark/clear areas), handle Solid HATCHes, and so much more.

GDS-II is the de-facto format for anyone producing artworks for ultra high-resolution IC's, MEMs, hybrid circuits, and more. Perfect for anyone who would like to convert their design to GDS-II data or vice-versa. FAB 3000 is the only CAM tool available which natively outputs to GDS-II.

STL File Conversion
Import/Export: 3D-STL files which are supported by most 3D CAD systems. Perfect for anyone who would like to move their 2D designs into STL format for prototyping, and more.

Embedded Lua Apps
Customize FAB 3000 using the power of Lua. While other CAM tools use outdated and limited scripting languages; FAB 3000 is embedded with Lua to provide you with the ability to create powerful applications which support OpenGL (3D-Modeling), IUP (Dialogs), wxWidgets (GUI), SQL, and web server applications.


Companies using FAB 3000:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Texas Instruments
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Profacture Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Advanced Monolythic Ceramics
DELTEC Automotive
Boston Scientific Corporation
General Electric (GE)
Tichawa Vision GmbH
Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits
and many others...


FAB 3000 - Customer Testimonials :

I'm totally impressed with the FAB 3000 features and the speedy response from your support team. - Johnson & Johnson

FAB 3000 Linux 32-bit version is being implemented here and is working well. - SONY

The FAB 3000 software is great, but the support is even better! This was probably the best support I have ever gotten. - Paratek Microwave, Inc.

It ALWAYS works, even when other programs don't. Your software ROCKS!! So does the support. Wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent product and support. Your CAM minion... Russ. - Amtech Electrocircuits, Inc.

Your beautiful tool, Fab3000v6 imports eps files of each layer and converts them to gerber flawlessly. I then use your tool to examine all layers before shipping them to fab. - Portland State University

I've been wanting to modify this board for several years and could not find the appropriate software. Using FAB 3000 it took me only several hours to tackle the mods. -Subsea Systems, Inc

FAB 3000 is a great product. It more than stacks up against the competition, it is truly a notch above providing features such as sophisticated panelization that I only got with an expensive upgrade to my Gerbtool - and even wasn't as capable as FAB 3000. Combine what is a superior product with the top notch, responsive support that Numerical Innovations provides, and you have a winning combination! - Necessity Consulting

This software has proven itself to be a valuable tool for opening corrupted gerber files. I liked the performance of this product enough to purchase today the Professional license to gain the full functionality of this product. - ABAXIS Inc.

FAB 3000 has reduced our fabrication costs by merging different boards onto on panel. You have an excellent product. I'd like to mention it to a couple forums I use. - eCOOlogy Systems Inc
















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