End of Support - FAB 3000 Version 5,6 and ACE Translator Version 5,6

Released in 2009 & 2010 respectively, Version 5(6) reached it's "End-Of-Life" (January 2013) and is no longer updated or supported.  Nowadays besides being outdated software, V5(6) used a protection system from a company that is no longer in business (http://www.siliconrealms.com/); making V5(6) potentially vulnerable to interruptions, more prone to false positive detection by anti-virus tools, and contains exposed security holes.  Starting with Version 7, we removed the old protection system and have had no further issues reported since.

Can I still use Version 5(6)?

Yes, you may continue to use the unsupported software at your own discretion. For the reasons described above, we encourage V5(6) users to migrate to a modern version (such as Version 7).

How do I migrate from Version 5(6)?

A. Contact Sales for assistance migrating from Version 5(6).

Important: All V5(6) users who purchased 'with maintenance' were upgraded free at no cost. Since 2013, we have made multiple attempts to help remaining V5(6) users migrate (including significant discounts and credits). Our final attempt was December 2014.

B. Numerical Cloud - $75 Monthly Subscription. We now offer a low cost, cancel anytime - monthly subscription called "Numerical Cloud" allowing users to stay current and help their business prosper.