ACE 3000 Version 7.7.0 Released

DXF Export Option - Outline Only. All outer contours will be calculated and exported to DXF.
New Native Aperture Shape "Hash".  Used as a fiducial marking for various panels.
Hide Cell(s).  Allow you remove selected cells from the conversion.
Calculate Copper Area - Generate Report file.
Gerber Import - Improved optimization of complex polygons.
Gerber Import - Improved handling of Polygons from Gerbers generated by DipTrace.
Gerber Import - Automatic Layer type detection from Gerbers generated by KiCad.
Gerber Import - Provide user option for 360 degree arcs found in polygons.
Gerber Import - Aperture Rules dialog interface has been improved.
Detect Arcs has been improved during export of formats: Gerber, NC Drill/Rout, ODB++, and DXF/DWG.
ODB++ Import - Better optimization of complex surfaces (i.e Polygons). 
ODB++ Export - Files generated are 100% compatible with the latest Mentor ODB++ Viewer 9.6. 
Polygon De-embedding has been improved.
Aperture Table Dialog has been improved.
ODB++ Import - Resolved conflict when a custom symbol uses a standard symbol name.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.