FAB 3000 Version 7.4.5 Released

Panelization Drawing - Easily generate a detailed fabrication drawing for an entire panel.
Edit Job Inserts - Now optimized to edit arrayed pcbs within a panel.
Improved display resolution.  Smaller objects are now more visible.
Drag and Drop now available. Simply Drag and Drop any files or folder directly onto the FAB 3000 desktop icon -- and FAB 3000 will instantly load all data.
Import/export files and folders with UNICODE characters. Previous versions could not accept any files or folder with unicode characters.
NC Import - Improved support for loading nested Step and repeat codes.
SMT Stencil Scale Apertures - Custom apertures used to create custom stencil pads may now be scaled.
Gerber Import - Handle custom apertures with unlimited primitives. Previous versions would stall when loading custom aperture that had over 1000 primitives in the definitions.