FAB 3000 Version 7.4.6 Released

24 March, 2015

Generate Border Profile - Automatically scan and detect a PCB border profile from Gerber files.
Redline Markup has been improved.
DXF/DWG Import - Better support for IDAutomation TrueType font used to generate QR Codes.
Highlight Net uses the correct color to display composite areas.
PCB Preview uses the correct color to display composite areas.
Export Folder (Default) - Lets you assign a constant default folder when exporting data.
FAB 3000 better remembers previous folder used, to save time when navigating though directories.
Added Scale Layer to menu in Layer Widget. Perfect to automatically scale drill or other files that were imported with incorrect scale.
Improved Hover highlighting over text objects.
Gerber Import - Now detects Silkscreen layer types during import from Mentor generated Gerbers.
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