FAB 3000 Version 7.5.20 Released

Vector PDF Export.  Output PDF with true vector objects - used for high accuracy plotters other devices.
DXF Export Option - Outline Only.  All outer contours will be calculated and exported to DXF.
Remove External Centroids.  Deletes all imported centroids.
Centroid Import Configuration.  Instantly recall previous Centroid File Import configurations.
Centroid Import Rotation and Angle Settings.  Allows FAB 3000 to determine the true orientation of imported centroids.
DXF Export - DXF files are optimized to be up to 20% smaller.
Postscript Export - Permits the ability to selectively assign Negative and Mirrored layers during output.
Panel Fiducials many be placed on any layer.
Autoload includes Rout import options.
Find Component By Location has been improved.
Table and Property drop-downs no longer require multiple clicks to activate.
Scale for NC Drill/Rout were fixed.
Scale for Round and Donut apertures were fixed.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.