FAB 3000 Version 7.5.21 Released

Create Fabrication Drawing - Now uses popular Fab Symbols instead of Letters.
Gerber to Drill conversion can optionally convert draws into drilled slots (G85).
Gerber to Rout/Mill conversion can optionally convert drill hits on the same layer.
DFM Check - Acid Traps detection is much faster.
DFM Check will automatically create NC Drill layer from Gerber (if no NC data is available)
Import Matrix can now add Panel Fiducials, Tooling Holes, Venting Patterns, and rails. See example matrix file: "panel_with_rail_vent"
Film Wizard incorrectly mirrored pads.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.
Added DFM Now features (Free): Find Insert, Create Fabrication Drawing, Add Dimensions (Ordinate, Horizontal, Vertical, Radius, etc.), Add Drill Hit, Add Ellipse, Copper Pour, and View Backside.