FAB 3000 Version 7.7.1 Released

Intelli-Drill Import feature - Automatically detects all drill holes during import and aligns them with the existing Gerber. This makes Importing drills files much easier, because you no longer have to worry about the drill format (i.e Leading or Trailing Zeros, Inch or Millimeter, etc.) or incorrect scale after import -- FAB 3000 will figure everything out.
Submit a Support Ticket - Quickly create a support ticket for technical assistance.
Modify Rout Plunge/Retract - Easily modify both plunge/retract for any closed rout path.
AutoSave Workspace - Optimize save algorithm during long periods of inactivity.
NC Drill table - Added Minimum and Maximum hole tolerance.
Display of NC Drill holes (while zoomed far away) has been improved.
Detect Border Layer has been improved.
Prevent Crash that occurred when multiple cells were selected and copied to the clipboard.