FAB 3000 Version 8.0.15 Released

Created New Sample Matrix Files.  Focusing on the new API's using JOB Array, INSERT_MATRIX, and more.  CreatePanelEmbeddedMatrixandJob.fm6

Command Line Interface.  FAB 3000 can now be run directly from the command line which allows users to automate many features such as DFM Checks, Panelization and  more.  


-hideandexit   Command Line argument that minimizes the FAB 3000 editor and Exit when done.  Allows FAB 3000 to perform exactly as a command-line tool without GUI.
-import_matrixfile= [FILE PATH]     Command Line argument that loads and executes a Matrix file.   The Matrix file can perform many tasks.  File Path should be in quotes. 
Import NC Rout/Mill - Resolved display issue with overlapping Rout Paths.
Save Job has been improved.
3 other minor bug fixes.