FAB 3000 Version 8.0.12 Released

Open/Save Job File. The Job file allows you to save/archive a single design from a workspace, for future usage/integration into another FAB 3000 workspace.
Export Rout/Mill - Remove Path Compensation. Some tools are not able to handle Left/Right compensation from NC files, thus checking this option will allow FAB 3000 to perform the offset and remove the compensation.
Design Database Extents can be adjusted to "Micro" extents - for designs with extremely small micrometer and nanometer geometries.

CAM Matrix File has many new features - such as:

  • JOBFILE  Array - Use to import previously saved Jobs
  • INSERT_MATRIX - Insert another Matrix file within the current matrix file to create intelligent hierarchical matrix scripts.
  • STEPREPEAT_MATRIX - Insert another Matrix file with Step/Repeat parameters within the current matrix file.
  • And more.  See Help Center for more details,  https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/home
ODB++ Export has been improved.  Specific areas include Components and Arcs.
5 other minor bug fixes.