FAB 3000 Version 8 Released

Easier to use modern interface with both Dark and Light Themes.
Workspace Editor Control.  Allows users to easily change the FAB 3000 state from CAM editor, NC Editor,  Real PCB Viewing, Documentation Generation, SMT Stencil commands, and more.
Compare includes Error Detection logic, to better identify and eliminate false positives.
Compare Jobs has ability Search Display Layer and Visible layers - used to pinpoint errors.
ODB+ Import - Option to convert surfaces to Polygons (with cutlines). Simplifies ODB++ surfaces when converting to Gerber, and other traditional manufacturing formats that have troubles processing ODB++ Surface Rules.
DFM Check - Minimum Clearance between Small Components.  Specifically check the spacing between smaller components such as resistors, caps, etc.
DFM Check - Minimum Clearance for BGA Components.  Specifically check the spacing between critical BGA components.
DFM Check - Isolate Components.  Allows you to assign specific DFM rules for critical components.
DFM Check - Isolate Nets.  Allows you to assign specific DFM rules for critical nets.
Real PCB has the ability to generate an estimate for fabrication costs.
Import and Export AutoCAD 2019 DWG and DXF.
Object snap Nearest.  Snap cursor location to nearest point on an object.
GDSII Import - Added options to Flash Round, Rectangular Shapes, Convert to Paths, and more.
PDF Reports for ALL Checks has been improved (DFM, NET Compare, PCB Differences/XOR, etc.)
2D Transform Matrix Engine.  Better handling of any angle plus mirror for Components, Apertures, etc.
Faster DFM Checks.  In some design (with complex surface polygons) DFM Check times were improved by 20X compared to FAB 3000 V7.
Faster ODB++ Import of complex surfaces.
Copy to Layers has been improved.
Panel Wizard more quickly detects usable Panel templates.
Import and Export BOM File.
Import and Export Centroid File now handles Mirrored components.
Real PCB has the ability to change Mask and Silk color realtime.
NC Drill and Mill files now support up to 10,000 tools (previously only 1000).
Right-click to paste coordinates into FAB 3000 command.
Fixed Open Workspace when an existing workspace is already active.