FAB 3000 Version 8.1.20 Released

DFM Check - Minimum Clearance:  SMT Pad to Board Edge
Editor Modes such as "CAM Editor", "NC Editor", "Real PCB", "Documentation" are now accessable from the Windows menu.
Explode Text during Export.  An optional setting that allows text to be exploded to base objects before export.
New FAB 3000 Startup Page.
DFM Check: All SMT Stencil checks have been improved.  https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/discussions/topics/14000014905
ODB++ Export.  Ensure component layer names to be either comp_+_top or comp_+_bot
ODB++ Import. 
IPC-2581 Import. 
Add Teardrop has been improved.
Export Bitmap has been improved.
Query: Area/Aspect ratios are now automatically included when you perform Query or List on SMT stencil pads.  https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/discussions/topics/14000015056
Footprints have been optimized and may be shared among multiple components.
Centroid Import and Export.
BOM Import and Export
Gerber Export for Text.
Over 25 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


 Coming NEXT: FAB 3000 Version 8.2 will be available shortly, with optimized ODB++ & IPC-2581/C importers, DFM Check runs at least 10X faster on complex PCB Designs, updated Linux builds, and much more.