FAB 3000 Version 8.1.21 Released

Component Package Properties.  Modify the properties for the selected component package.
ODB++ Export. Step/netlists/cadnet/netlist has been added.
Maximum Composite Levels has been increased to 30,000.
Compare Layers. Overlay of other layer is more visible.
Compare Jobs.  Overlay of other job is more visible.
DFM Check.  Locating components exceeding a defined maximum height has been improved.
Export PDF. Compare Jobs now correctly shows the other job overlay.
ODB++ Export. Assign a defined origin in header Step/eda/data. (some 3rd party tools require a defined product origin)
ODB++ Export. Better handle components with offset datums.
ODB++ Import. Better handle components with missing Part Number.
Build Components.  Properly assign component package datum.
NC Drill Import. Better detect Drill files when using Autoload.
Over 12 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.