FAB 3000 Version 8.3.30 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

SMT Stencil/Paste Table. Interactively test for various Paste pad pitch, ratio, and etching violations. Results are color coded for easy visualization.
Generate SMT Stencil/Paste Pad reports.  Includes an option to include any potential warnings or errors.
Explode NC Layer.  Converts any NC Drill/Rout layer to base objects like traces, pads, etc.
Options... Now includes default values for SMT Stencil Area Ratio and Aspect Ratio.
ODB++ Import has better sorting of complex surfaces containing multiple Islands and holes.  
ODB++ Import now detects which CAD tool created the ODB++ and optimizes objects.
IPC-2581 Import has better sorting of complex contours containing multiple Islands and holes.
Easily convert any Gerber layer to NC Drill/Rout objects using the Rt-Click menu in the Layers control.
Add Wide Path has been improved.
Open Folder... has been improved.
Explode command (menu: Edit / Explode) has been improved.
Attributes have been improved with faster access.
Selection Filter (Attributes) now quickly searches for matching attribute name:values pairs and/or wildcards.
Restored keyboard focus for accessing various controls in the toolbar.
20 other minor bug fixes and units improvement have been made.