FAB 3000 Version 8.3.31 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Both FAB 3000 and DFM Now! were fully reviewed and not impacted by Log4j. 
3D STEP IMPORT can now automatically detect the "Normal Plane" used to extract 2D Geometries from 3D BReps.
3D STEP IMPORT can now automatically generate Drill layers (Plated/Non-Plated) and generate a Border layer.
Convert Selected Objects to Boundary Outlines. Menu: Tools / Convert Objects to / Outline...
Query/Object Hover displays Paste Pad details intelligently : Area ratio, Aspect ratio, Pad Pitch, Volume - and even warns "in real time" whether Paste Pads contain any potential stencil manufacturing violations.
Units has been added to the View menu for easier ability to change display units.
SMT Stencil Area and Aspect Ratios defaults can now be set in the Options dialog. Menu: Setup / Options, in tab "Default Values"
Unlimited UNDO/REDO has been optimized even further to improve the overall users editor experience.
3D STEP IMPORT "arc resolution" control has been greatly improved.  Previous versions imported with poor arc resolution.
Build Components now lets you select pads also on Top and Bottom metal layers. Previously only Mask and Paste layers.
Add Rout Tabs. Per customer request, we increased the number of symmetric tabs to 8 (from 3 max).
Explode command (menu: Edit / Explode) has been improved.
PCB Border detection has been improved.
Copy Objects Mode (from Options) - Determines what Net and RefDes values to use for copied objects.
SMT Stencil/Paste Table features have been improved (including Pitch calculation and more).
25 other minor bug fixes and units improvement have been made.
Object Snap Toggle (Hotkey F3) now correctly traverses all available Object snaps.  Previously got stuck on 2 Object snaps.
Dbl-Click on FAB 3000 workspace file, retains all fonts used by text. Previously defaulted all fonts to standard "fnt".