DFM Now! For Linux Released

Comprehensive, Accurate, and Easy to Use DFM Software provides the latest release to the PCB Industry.

(Honolulu, HI) – Numerical Innovations, (NI) today announced the new release of its product:

“DFM Now!™ Version 7.4 for Linux.” DFM Now! v7.4 offers advanced performance and allows PCB designers to analyze their Gerber, ODB++, and NC drill files for fabrication and netlist issues beforehand, to prevent scrap and revision spins. DFM Now! is being offered Free, and may be downloaded from www.dfmnow.com .

“DFM Now! is a revolutionary product for the PCB industry as it offers PCB designers powerful CAM DFM features, only found on expensive software, absolutely free. It will perform a full-featured DFM and Netlist Check typically found on software tools costing thousands of dollars - it is not a limited check.  If the design passes, DFM Now! will let the designer know by displaying a "Success Icon" - which means the design is ready for manufacturing.” states Simon Garrison of Numerical Innovations.

Garrison also mentions that “there are over 30,000 DFM Now! users worldwide from the United States, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, China, and more.”

DFM Now! brings design verification into a comprehensive, accurate and easy to use package for the

PCB design professional; having the same power and feature-rich intelligence of NI’s other products, and being powered by their popular FAB 3000 engine.  It is offered for Windows and now also on the stable Linux operating system.

Visit the Numerical Innovations website for further information about DFM Now! V7.4 at www.numericalinnovations.com or at www.dfmnow.com .

About Numerical Innovations

Numerical Innovations (A division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.) was founded based on the industry need for easy to use, aesthetically pleasing software tools that are clever and accurately facilitate electronic designs for manufacturing.  Utilizing an advanced, proprietary C++ development platform called Universal Tool Platform (UTP) created in-house, along with their experience developing a wide variety of commercial and custom EDA tools; Numerical Innovations has been able to successfully enter the market with tools providing a common user interface (UI) model and Interoperability, which will continue to satisfy customer demand and gain the reputation of producing easy to use, high quality tools. They are proud to boast a customer base of over 1000 unique companies. To learn more about their products, visit www.numericalinnovations.com.




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