Introducing Numerical Cloud

(Honolulu, HI) – Numerical Innovations (NI) today announced the introduction of the “Numerical Cloud SM.”

Numerical Cloud is a new offering from Numerical Innovations allowing users the option to get all of their NI products online (on the “Cloud”) for a simple monthly subscription.

“A Numerical Cloud Subscription is a new, more flexible way to get our individual products for a low monthly price, while also giving you ongoing access to every upgrade version at no additional charge, as long as your subscription remains active. This has become a very popular option with software in many industries, and we are proud to provide this revolutionary service to the PCB industry,” states Simon Garrison founder of Numerical Innovations.

The subscription to Numerical Cloud includes:

• FAB 3000 - GerberCAM/DFM
• ACE 3000 - CAD/EDA/3D Translator
• Access to both Windows and Linux version of the desktop application
• Permits activation on up to 3 computers (i.e.: work, home and laptop)
• Secure Login Access to the NI website
• Unlimited Free Technical Support from the NI staff
• Generation of new activation code(s) in the event of a lost license, crash, etc.
• Download access 24/7
• Free Software Upgrades
• Access to Pre-Released versions of our software products.

A Numerical Cloud subscription offers a monthly plan (Single User) for $74.99, and allows the subscriber to get full access to NI’s latest software releases plus technical support and more. Visit the website for more specific details:

NI states the Numerical Cloud is “easy to use, powerful, and cost-effective.”

“Numerical Cloud helps you take advantage of - you guessed it - The Cloud. This means you have the flexibility to save your files and projects online, so you'll never lose them and have continuous access around the clock. Now there's no more waiting for the next upgrade, or being forced to choose between the latest software update and other demands on your budget,” mentions Garrison.

Visit the Numerical Innovations website for further information about The Numerical Cloud at

About Numerical Innovations
Numerical Innovations (A division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.) was founded based on the industry need for easy to use, aesthetically pleasing software tools that are clever and accurately facilitate electronic designs for manufacturing. Utilizing an advanced, proprietary C++ development platform called Universal Tool Platform (UTP) created in-house, along with their experience developing a wide variety of commercial and custom EDA tools; Numerical Innovations has been able to successfully enter the market with tools providing a common user interface (UI) model and Interoperability, which will continue to satisfy customer demand and gain the reputation of producing easy to use, high quality tools. They are proud to boast a customer base of over 1000 unique companies. To learn more about their products, visit


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