ACE Translator 3000 now includes over 150 Translators.

ACE Translator 3000 now includes over 150 Translators.

GREAT VALUE: ACE 3000 gives you over 150 useful EDA, CAD, and 3D translators in one tool, so you're always prepared to handle any file translation. ACE costs less than most single-format commercial CAD translators, and with all those built-in translators ACE gives you a better overall value!


DXF Translators:

  1. DXF to Gerber
  2. DXF to GDSII
  3. DXF to ODB++
  4. DXF to OASIS
  5. DXF to 3D STL
  6. DXF to 3D STEP
  7. DXF to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  8. DXF to TIFF (High Resolution)
  9. DXF to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  10. DXF to DWG
  11. DXF to Postscript
  12. DXF to PDF


Gerber Translators:

  1. Gerber to DXF
  2. Gerber to DWG
  3. Gerber to GDSII
  4. Gerber to ODB++
  5. Gerber to OASIS
  6. Gerber to 3D STL
  7. Gerber to 3D STEP
  8. Gerber to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. Gerber to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. Gerber to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc;)
  11. Gerber to Postscript
  12. Gerber to PDF


GDSII Translators:

  1. GDSII to DXF
  2. GDSII to Gerber
  4. GDSII to ODB++
  5. GDSII to 3D STL
  6. GDSII to 3D STEP
  7. GDSII to DWG
  8. GDSII to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. GDSII to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. GDSII to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  11. GDSII to Postscript
  12. GDSII to PDF


OASIS Translators:

  2. OASIS to DXF
  3. OASIS to DWG
  4. OASIS to Gerber
  5. OASIS to ODB++
  6. OASIS to 3D STL
  7. OASIS to 3D STEP
  8. OASIS to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. OASIS to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. OASIS to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG)
  11. OASIS to Postscript
  12. OASIS to PDF


DWG Translators:

  1. DWG to Gerber
  2. DWG to GDSII
  3. DWG to ODB++
  4. DWG to OASIS
  5. DWG to 3D STL
  6. DWG to 3D STEP
  7. DWG to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  8. DWG to TIFF (High Resolution)
  9. DWG to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  10. DWG to DXF
  11. DWG to Postscript
  12. DWG to PDF


ODB++ Translators:

  1. ODB++ to Gerber
  2. ODB++ tp DXF
  3. ODB++ to DWG
  4. ODB++ to GDSII
  5. ODB++ to OASIS
  6. ODB++ to 3D STL
  7. ODB++ to 3D STEP
  8. ODB++ to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. ODB++ to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. ODB++ to Image
  11. ODB++ to Postscript
  12. ODB++ to PDF


3D STL Translators:

  1. 3D STL to Gerber
  2. 3D STL to DXF
  3. 3D STL to DWG
  4. 3D STL to GDSII
  5. 3D STL to OASIS
  6. 3D STL to ODB++
  7. 3D STL to 3D STEP
  8. 3D STL to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. 3D STL to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. 3D STL to Image
  11. 3D STL to Postscript
  12. 3D STL to PDF


3D STEP Translators:

  1. 3D STEP to Gerber
  2. 3D STEP to DXF
  3. 3D STEP to DWG
  4. 3D STEP to GDSII
  5. 3D STEP to OASIS
  6. 3D STEP to ODB++
  7. 3D STEP to 3D STEP
  8. 3D STEP to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  9. 3D STEP to TIFF (High Resolution)
  10. 3D STEP to Image
  11. 3D STEP to Postscript
  12. 3D STEP to PDF


Postscript Translators:

  1. Postscript to 3D STL
  2. Postscript to Gerber
  3. Postscript to DXF
  4. Postscript to DWG
  5. Postscript to GDSII
  6. Postscript to OASIS
  7. Postscript to ODB++
  8. Postscript to 3D STEP
  9. Postscript to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  10. Postscript to TIFF (High Resolution)
  11. Postscript to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  12. Postscript to PDF


PDF Translators:

  1. PDF to 3D STL
  2. PDF to Gerber
  3. PDF to DXF
  4. PDF to DWG
  5. PDF to GDSII
  6. PDF to OASIS
  7. PDF to ODB++
  8. PDF to 3D STEP
  9. PDF to Bitmap (High Resolution)
  10. PDF to TIFF (High Resolution)
  11. PDF to Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  12. PDF to Postscript


Bitmap (High Resolution) Translators:

  1. Bitmap (High Resolution) to Gerber
  2. Bitmap (High Resolution) to DXF
  3. Bitmap (High Resolution) to DWG
  4. Bitmap (High Resolution) to GDSII
  5. Bitmap (High Resolution) to OASIS
  6. Bitmap (High Resolution) to ODB++
  7. Bitmap (High Resolution) to 3D STL
  8. Bitmap (High Resolution) to 3D STEP
  9. Bitmap (High Resolution) to IMAGE (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  10. Bitmap (High Resolution) to Postscript
  11. Bitmap (High Resolution) to PDF


TIFF (High Resolution) Translators:

  1. TIFF (High Resolution) to Gerber
  2. TIFF (High Resolution) to DXF
  3. TIFF (High Resolution) to DWG
  4. TIFF (High Resolution) to GDSII
  5. TIFF (High Resolution) to OASIS
  6. TIFF (High Resolution) to ODB++
  7. TIFF (High Resolution) to 3D STL
  8. TIFF (High Resolution) to 3D STEP
  9. TIFF (High Resolution) to IMAGE (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  10. TIFF (High Resolution) to Postscript
  11. TIFF (High Resolution) to PDF


Image (GIF, TIFF, JPEG) Translators:

  1. Image to Gerber
  2. Image to DXF
  3. Image to DWG
  4. Image to GDSII
  5. Image to OASIS
  6. Image to ODB++
  7. Image to 3D STEP
  8. Image to 3D STL
  9. Image to Postscript
  10. Image to PDF