Check for short circuits without having an IPC Netlist File?

Check for short circuits without having an IPC Netlist File?

To find potential short circuits in your manufacturing files (like Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581), you will need to compare the original PCB CAD software netlist against the actual CAM generated netlist (i.e a separate netlist generated from all touching physical objects on metal and drill layers).  This command is called Netlist Comparison, and requires an IPC Netlist file generated from the original PCB CAD software.

If you do not have an IPC Netlist file, please performing the following to accurately create it yourself:

1. Must import one of the following Intelligent Manufacturing formats into FAB3000.

  • Gerber X2/X3:  These gerber files have the Netlist attribute included in the output.
  • ODB++:  Typically contains Netlist attributes.
  • IPC-2581: Typically contains Netlist attributes.

2. Export an IPC-D-356A netlist format (go to menu: File | Export | IPC-D-356...), and using the following settings. 


3. Select the location for the exported IPC Netlist file.

Important: Since this Netlist file is based off the Net attributes assigned from the PCB CAD software, the resulting Netlist file can be used to compare against the CAM generated netlist - to locate any short circuits.


Now perform Netlist Comparison, go to menu:  Tools | Nets | Netlist Comparison...