FAB 3000 Version 8.3.32 Released

FAB 3000 Version 8.3.32 Released

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

IPC-2581 Export. Choose PadStack output: Yes, No, or use PadStack References (improves export speed).
IPC-2581 Export. Clones the IPC-2581 output file to appear generated from another EDA tool.

IPC-2581 Export has been improved. Specifically StepRepeat, Nested Steps, Attributes, etc.

IPC-2581 Import has been improved to handle Altium's Component Package Pin rotations, StepRepeat using various Datums, etc. Thanks John Schweikle.
NC Drill/Mill Import.  Resolved an import issue when zero precision digits are defined in the header. Thanks Rob Ocenosak.
Backside View. Panel Outline, List and Properties point list properly display coordinates while in Backside view mode.
Rout paths with compensation side (left/right) can now be properly mirrored. Thanks Peter Pugno.
Selection sets no longer reset when tip text window disappears.
Display of component outlines.
25 other minor bug fixes have been made.