FAB V9 with 3D - Coming Soon!

FAB V9 with 3D - Coming Soon!

We're exited to announce FAB 3000 V9 with 3D will be available in late 2023. 

Here's some new significant features: 

  DFM Stacks™ with Unlimited DFM Rules.  Using our new programmable DFM Stacks , create custom DFM Rules for all design technologies.

  Embedded 3D Environment. Easily navigate between 2D/3D viewing and editing environments.  

  New 3D STEP translator. Optimized specifically for PCB designs, and more.  

  4-10X faster performance.  DFM Checks, Netlist extraction, and other time-consuming tasks, now use using multiple processes.

  Automated Documentation.  Easily generate all necessary documentation for successful PCB fabrication and assembly.

Questions?  Please feel free to submit a support ticket with any questions or feature requests for the upcoming FAB V9 release.