New - ACE 3000 Version 8 is coming soon!

New - ACE 3000 Version 8 is coming soon!

We've been busy this year preparing for the release of ACE 3000 Version 8 which is scheduled to be ready December 18th 2020!

Here's some benefits of ACE 3000 V8:

 Run as Command Line.  Perfect for batch processing or integrating into your existing design flow.
 Optimized 3D STEP file export.  STEP files exported from ACE 3000 V8 are now up to 80% smaller and quickly load into any 3D simulation software.
 Spreadsheet Import.  Load any spread sheet containing coordinates, and generate geometries.
 Custom Format Import and Export.  Create a template which allows ACE to import or export to any EDA file format.
 Improved User Interface.
 Import FAB 3000 Matrix files.
 64-bit Linux Release will support Kernel 3.10.x 
 And much more!


ACE Translator 3000 (CAD/EDA/3D) 

ACE 3000 gives you over 150 useful EDA, CAD, and 3D translators in one tool, so you're always prepared to handle any file translation. ACE costs less than most single-format commercial CAD translators, and with all those built-in translators ACE gives you a better overall value!


Get Numerical Cloud for only $75/month.  Includes FAB 3000 (CAM Software), ACE 3000, and EasyGerb. Runs on up to 3 computers. Easily perform all Design Integrity Checks on your Gerber and ODB++ files. No contracts and cancel anytime.