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 See how students from Arizona State University use DFM Now! to verify that a design is able to be manufactured by the LPKF ProtoMat S63.

DFM Now - Free

FAB 3000 - Gerber/CAM Solution

 Free Gerber Viewer, ODB++, IPC-2581, NC Drill & Rout.

Edit and Save Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581, NC Drill & Rout.

 Panelize and Merge PCBs. Reduce Fabrication Costs.

Basic DFM Check. Advanced DFM Checks Generate X/Y Centroids & BOM.
Realistic PCB Preview. Pinpoint DFM errors. Netlist Comparison
 Print, Markup, and add Dimensions. Best DXF/DWG Importer Available!  SMT Stencil Tools.
 View PCB Stack Up.  Faster with 64-bit Performance. 3D STEP Import & Export. 
 Save as FAB 3000 Workspace file (*.wrk)  Many additional CAM & DFM Features  Full-Featured NC Editor. 
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It's so FAB...

You asked for it, and we delivered. Introducing FAB 3000 V8...

"The Most Easy to Use Gerber Editor, Panelization, & DFM Tool Available."

A "Full-Featured" CAM software package targeted for anyone who would like to have "high-end" CAM software to run advanced DRC/DFM verifications, generate component centroids, create SMT Stencil pads, Panelize PCBs, and perform many other useful features. Import/Export: DXF, DWG, PDF, Postscript, STL, STEP, GDSII, BOM, and many other formats. Get ALL the power of those other CAM tools costing thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.

Better Gerber Editor with a Modern GUI.

FAB 3000 uses a "modern GUI" which allows the user to instinctively select and drag objects to edit them. Multiple designs can be separated into tabbed windows and data hierarchy is fully supported, allowing users to easily insert one design into another - resulting in optimized editing and panelization that take up very little memory.

Better Panelization.

This tutorial demonstrates how to Panelize a PCB (Gerber/Drill) for manufacturing. Explains the secrets to getting 33% better efficiency on your panels, and how to merge multiple different PCB designs onto a single panel. Saving you time and money on PCB manufacturing!

Better DXF/DWG Importer.

Having a difficult time importing DXF into your current CAM tool? FAB 3000 gives you the most comprehensive DXF importer available with the ability to control import parameters per layer, join open line/arc boundaries, perform de-embedding (automatically detect dark/clear areas), handle Solid HATCHes, and so much more.

Better DFM and Netlist Checker.

Quickly identify issues that affect manufacturability before they cost you money! DFM Now PRO checks for the most common manufacturing problems right in your Gerber files. Includes the ability to modify each design rule, pinpoint and fix any violations, plus generate a detailed PDF report file to share with colleagues.

Other Competitive tools can charge an extra $1000 for DFM Check.

FAB 3000 is simply the BEST:

I'm totally impressed with the FAB 3000 features and the speedy response from your support team. - Johnson & Johnson

FAB 3000 Linux 32-bit version is being implemented here and is working well. - SONY

The FAB 3000 software is great, but the support is even better! This was probably the best support I have ever gotten. - Paratek Microwave, Inc.

It ALWAYS works, even when other programs don't. Your software ROCKS!! So does the support. Wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent product and support. Your CAM minion... Russ. - Amtech Electrocircuits, Inc.

Your beautiful tool, Fab3000v6 imports eps files of each layer and converts them to gerber flawlessly. I then use your tool to examine all layers before shipping them to fab. - Portland State University

I've been wanting to modify this board for several years and could not find the appropriate software. Using FAB 3000 it took me only several hours to tackle the mods. -Subsea Systems, Inc

FAB 3000 is a great product. It more than stacks up against the competition, it is truly a notch above providing features such as sophisticated panelization that I only got with an expensive upgrade to my Gerbtool - and even wasn't as capable as FAB 3000. Combine what is a superior product with the top notch, responsive support that Numerical Innovations provides, and you have a winning combination! - Necessity Consulting

This software has proven itself to be a valuable tool for opening corrupted gerber files. I liked the performance of this product enough to purchase today the Professional license to gain the full functionality of this product. - ABAXIS Inc.

FAB 3000 has reduced our fabrication costs by merging different boards onto on panel. You have an excellent product. I'd like to mention it to a couple forums I use. - eCOOlogy Systems Inc