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FAB 3000 - Revision History

New Feature
Bug Fix


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.40 Released

23 July, 2020

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

DFM Check. Minimum Annular Ring: Drill to SMT Pads.
DFM Check. Annular Ring Checks have reduced false positives when multiple flashed pads overlap.
DFM Check.  Minimum Clearance: Solder Mask to Copper has reduced false positives.
DFM Check. Detect Acid Traps has reduced false positives.
8 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.

 COMING NEXT MONTH is FAB 3000 Version 8.2 (64-bit) with new 3D Engine, optimized 3D STEP conversions, improved performance, and so much more!

FAB 3000 Version 8.1.37 Released

13 July, 2020

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Stack up Layers control. Hover box quickly shows all attributes of each stackup layer.
Stack up Layers control. Dropdown can be used to display affected layers in the stackup per the Drill file.
Stack up Layers control. Display Total thickness of the entire stackup.  Automatically adjusts when changes are made to the stackup.
DFM Check. Minimum Clearance: Solder Mask to Copper.
Stack up Layers control.  Easier to sort layers used in the stackup.  Drag up/down.
8 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.35 Released

23 June, 2020

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Stack up Layers control. Build and save stack ups for reuse.
Auto-Fit Panel.  Automatically adjusts panel size based on inserted jobs.
Panel Wizard. You can now define separate X and Y spacing when running Panel Wizard.
ODB++ Import. Improved performance when importing large ODB++ files.
Layers Table.  Can now generate reports in any units (mm, mils, microns, inch) -- previously only Inch was permitted.
PCB Fabrication Report.  Right Click over any layer in the Design Navigator and select "Properties...".  Edit attributes and more.
Calculate Panel Efficiency. 
Compare Jobs has been improved with reduced false positives.
5 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.30 Released

31 May, 2020

 New Feature

 Improved Feature

 Fixed Feature

Gerber Export. "Optimize/Fix Polygons" ensures high resolution gerber files are free of any (self-intersections, bow-ties, etc.).
ODB++ Export.  An option to assign overall board thickness attribute is now available.
ODB++ Export. Output Text now has an option to retain Dynamic Text.
DFM Check. "Minimum Clearance: SMT Stencil (Pad to Pad)" has been added. Let us know if you any additional DFM Checks.
Centroid Export.  Now has the option to Mirror output either Vertically or Horizontally.
Layer Properties.  Right Click over any layer in the Design Navigator and select "Properties...".  Edit attributes and more.
Layer Table. Assign layer thickness.
Compare Layers has been improved with reduced false positives.
Compare Jobs has been improved with reduced false positives.
Components Table.  Modified components maintain attributes.  
12 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.23 Released

14 April, 2020

Export Gerber using EasyGerb format. Added an option to output Gerbers exactly as if they were generated from EasyGerb.
Open Workspace will automatically repair damaged or corrupted workspace files (*.wrk).
Import and Export latest Microsoft Excel Files (*.xlsx and*.xls).
BOM Export can now export as Microsoft Excel (previously only CSV).
Typing commands manually inside the command now functions properly.
Export 3D STEP will only add Dielectric layers when missing.
Open and Save DWG/DWG Import configuration file has been fixed.
Custom Aperture Editor - prevent any crash while saving an edited custom aperture.
5 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.21 Released

30 March, 2020

Component Package Properties.  Modify the properties for the selected component package.
ODB++ Export. Step/netlists/cadnet/netlist has been added.
Maximum Composite Levels has been increased to 30,000.
Compare Layers. Overlay of other layer is more visible.
Compare Jobs.  Overlay of other job is more visible.
DFM Check.  Locating components exceeding a defined maximum height has been improved.
Export PDF. Compare Jobs now correctly shows the other job overlay.
ODB++ Export. Assign a defined origin in header Step/eda/data. (some 3rd party tools require a defined product origin)
ODB++ Export. Better handle components with offset datums.
ODB++ Import. Better handle components with missing Part Number.
Build Components.  Properly assign component package datum.
NC Drill Import. Better detect Drill files when using Autoload.
Over 12 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.20 Released

09 March, 2020

DFM Check - Minimum Clearance:  SMT Pad to Board Edge
Editor Modes such as "CAM Editor", "NC Editor", "Real PCB", "Documentation" are now accessable from the Windows menu.
Explode Text during Export.  An optional setting that allows text to be exploded to base objects before export.
New FAB 3000 Startup Page.
DFM Check: All SMT Stencil checks have been improved.
ODB++ Export.  Ensure component layer names to be either comp_+_top or comp_+_bot
ODB++ Import. 
IPC-2581 Import. 
Add Teardrop has been improved.
Export Bitmap has been improved.
Query: Area/Aspect ratios are now automatically included when you perform Query or List on SMT stencil pads.
Footprints have been optimized and may be shared among multiple components.
Centroid Import and Export.
BOM Import and Export
Gerber Export for Text.
Over 25 other minor bugs/fixes have been resolved.


 Coming NEXT: FAB 3000 Version 8.2 will be available shortly, with optimized ODB++ & IPC-2581/C importers, DFM Check runs at least 10X faster on complex PCB Designs, updated Linux builds, and much more.

FAB 3000 Version 8.1.5 Released

08 August, 2019

DFM Check - BOM Compare.  Detect any component differences from an external BOM file.
Bom Compare.  Detect any component differences from an external BOM file.
Bom Merge.  Apply information from an external BOM file onto existing components. 
Add Tab.  An option is now available to place drill hits (from mouse bites) on different layer layer.
Help Button has been added to many dialog boxes. Allowing users to quickly view examples and tutorials about specific features.
Component Browser has been improved.
Compare Layers. Drill hits compare better.
Compare Jobs.  Drill hits compare better.
ODB++ Import. Dynamic text importing has improved.
Grow/Shrink.  Now performs Grow/Shrink on NC Dril hits and Rout path.
Import Centroid. Fixed optional Part Number and Description columns.
Gerber Import. Correctly handles any Aperture Definitions %ADD defined in the body of the gerber file (not in the header as normal).
Crash occurred during Aperture Rules Editor line item combo box.
Enter Key was inactive for RefDes control.

FAB 3000 Version 8.1.3 Released

29 April, 2019

Copper Area Calculation can now optionally calculate area only for Selected Objects (not just entire layers). 
Add Tab has been improved and is more reliable for locating tabbed sections along rout paths. Dialog is more readable.
ODB++ Import has been improved.  Parse Dynamic Text has been improved.  Better handles Importing multiple ODB++ files simultaneously.
ODB++ Export has been improved.  Blind/Buried definitions have been improved.  EDA/data has been improved.
IPC-2581 Export has been improved.  Includes BOM Table.  Polygon and Blind/Buried definitions have been improved.
IPC-2581 Import has been improved.  Blind/Buried definitions have been improved. 
Centroid Export has been improved.
8 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 8.1.0 Released

14 March, 2019

Import Matrix - The JOB Array can now create COMPOSITE layer merges.  For more information  view the following link,

Gerber Import - Option to prompt the user when there are Polarity Conflicts.  For more information view the following link,

Command Line functions can be Pasted directly into the FAB 3000 Command Console.  Allows you to automate more features within FAB 3000.  For a listing of available Command Line functions, view the following link,
Increased the maximum composite level per layer up to 20000 (from 5000).
Realistic PCB Preview has been improved.
Edit Inserts can now assign any angle (previously was orthogonal only).
Properties Dialog has been improved.
View Component Pin #'s is now on and visible by default.
Gerber Layer Type detection has been improved.
Centroid Export - Component height is included in Centroid File export.  Previously it was ignored.
Mirror of Routs with Offset Compensation has been fixed.
3 other minor bug fixes.
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