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FAB 3000 - Revision History

New Feature
Bug Fix


FAB 3000 Version 8.1.0 Released

14 March, 2019

Import Matrix - The JOB Array can now create COMPOSITE layer merges.  For more information  view the following link,

Gerber Import - Option to prompt the user when there are Polarity Conflicts.  For more information view the following link,

Command Line functions can be Pasted directly into the FAB 3000 Command Console.  Allows you to automate more features within FAB 3000.  For a listing of available Command Line functions, view the following link,
Increased the maximum composite level per layer up to 20000 (from 5000).
Realistic PCB Preview has been improved.
Edit Inserts can now assign any angle (previously was orthogonal only).
Properties Dialog has been improved.
View Component Pin #'s is now on and visible by default.
Gerber Layer Type detection has been improved.
Centroid Export - Component height is included in Centroid File export.  Previously it was ignored.
Mirror of Routs with Offset Compensation has been fixed.
3 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 8.0.15 Released

07 January, 2019

Created New Sample Matrix Files.  Focusing on the new API's using JOB Array, INSERT_MATRIX, and more.  CreatePanelEmbeddedMatrixandJob.fm6

Command Line Interface.  FAB 3000 can now be run directly from the command line which allows users to automate many features such as DFM Checks, Panelization and  more.

-hideandexit   Command Line argument that minimizes the FAB 3000 editor and Exit when done.  Allows FAB 3000 to perform exactly as a command-line tool without GUI.
-import_matrixfile=[FILE PATH]    Command Line argument that loads and executes a Matrix file.   The Matrix file can perform many tasks.  File Path should be in quotes. 
Import NC Rout/Mill - Resolved display issue with overlapping Rout Paths.
Save Job has been improved.
3 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 8.0.12 Released

04 January, 2019

Open/Save Job File. The Job file allows you to save/archive a single design from a workspace, for future usage/integration into another FAB 3000 workspace.
Export Rout/Mill - Remove Path Compensation. Some tools are not able to handle Left/Right compensation from NC files, thus checking this option will allow FAB 3000 to perform the offset and remove the compensation.
Design Database Extents can be adjusted to "Micro" extents - for designs with extremely small micrometer and nanometer geometries.

CAM Matrix File has many new features - such as:

  • JOBFILE  Array - Use to import previously saved Jobs
  • INSERT_MATRIX - Insert another Matrix file within the current matrix file to create intelligent hierarchical matrix scripts.
  • STEPREPEAT_MATRIX - Insert another Matrix file with Step/Repeat parameters within the current matrix file.
  • And more.  See Help Center for more details,
ODB++ Export has been improved.  Specific areas include Components and Arcs.
5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 8 Released

26 October, 2018

Easier to use modern interface with both Dark and Light Themes.
Workspace Editor Control.  Allows users to easily change the FAB 3000 state from CAM editor, NC Editor,  Real PCB Viewing, Documentation Generation, SMT Stencil commands, and more.
Compare includes Error Detection logic, to better identify and eliminate false positives.
Compare Jobs has ability Search Display Layer and Visible layers - used to pinpoint errors.
ODB+ Import - Option to convert surfaces to Polygons (with cutlines). Simplifies ODB++ surfaces when converting to Gerber, and other traditional manufacturing formats that have troubles processing ODB++ Surface Rules.
DFM Check - Minimum Clearance between Small Components.  Specifically check the spacing between smaller components such as resistors, caps, etc.
DFM Check - Minimum Clearance for BGA Components.  Specifically check the spacing between critical BGA components.
DFM Check - Isolate Components.  Allows you to assign specific DFM rules for critical components.
DFM Check - Isolate Nets.  Allows you to assign specific DFM rules for critical nets.
Real PCB has the ability to generate an estimate for fabrication costs.
Import and Export AutoCAD 2019 DWG and DXF.
Object snap Nearest.  Snap cursor location to nearest point on an object.
GDSII Import - Added options to Flash Round, Rectangular Shapes, Convert to Paths, and more.
PDF Reports for ALL Checks has been improved (DFM, NET Compare, PCB Differences/XOR, etc.)
2D Transform Matrix Engine.  Better handling of any angle plus mirror for Components, Apertures, etc.
Faster DFM Checks.  In some design (with complex surface polygons) DFM Check times were improved by 20X compared to FAB 3000 V7.
Faster ODB++ Import of complex surfaces.
Copy to Layers has been improved.
Panel Wizard more quickly detects usable Panel templates.
Import and Export BOM File.
Import and Export Centroid File now handles Mirrored components.
Real PCB has the ability to change Mask and Silk color realtime.
NC Drill and Mill files now support up to 10,000 tools (previously only 1000).
Right-click to paste coordinates into FAB 3000 command.
Fixed Open Workspace when an existing workspace is already active.

FAB 3000 Version 7.10.9 Released

19 August, 2018

ODB++ Export - Both Compression and Component Height have been improved.
STL Export - Improved tessellation of geometries for more optimized 3D files.
Browse Folders dialog has a better interface plus retains previous UNICODE named folders and/or remote drives.
Fixed when Exporting to UNICODE named folders and/or remote drives - for all formats and reports. 
Fixed Dialog buttons such as "View PDF...", "Open Output Folder...", etc. - now work with UNICODE named folders and/or remote drives.

FAB 3000 Version 7.10.8 Released

15 August, 2018

STEP Export Simulation options During STEP export FAB 3000 now includes additional export options to help perform simulation such as: Plating Thickness, Remove Objects on Profile edge, Extend Profile, Create Via Assembly, and more.
DXF/DWG Export can now optionally export a single file for each layer.  Previously only one DXF/DWG file was generated for all layers.
Workspace (*.wrk) Backup Manager. Easily Backup and manage up to 10 previous FAB 3000 workspace file modifications.
Mirrored Components are now supported.
Display all Nets used for an entire Panel (located in the "Nets" tab under the graphical editor).  Easily view and select individual nets per each unique PCB job inserted in a Panel.  Previously the Nets tab control was empty when viewing a Panel.
Update Nets to refresh all available Nets used within a Panel. Especially useful when adding/removing PCB Job inserts within a panel.  (Use Right Click menu in nets tab).
Display all Components within an entire Panel (located in the "Components" tab under the graphical editor).  Easily view and select individual components used for  each unique PCB job inserted in a Panel.  Previously the Components control was empty when viewing a Panel.
Update Components to refresh all available Components used within a Panel. Especially useful when adding/removing PCB Job inserts within a panel.  (Use Right Click menu in components tab).
Clear Selected Components (Use Right Click menu in components tab).
STEP Export can now Join adjacent Traces Reduces final STEP file sizes by joining ends of adjacent traces. Most PCB traces have rounded ends which use many points. By joining the ends of adjacent traces, a single vertex can be used instead of many.
STEP Export can now optionally export a single file for each layer.  Previously only one STEP file was generated for all layers.  Useful for designers who wish to import a design one STEP file at a time, into their 3D software.
NC Tools table can be rounded to the closest common tool diameters.
Find works within nested Jobs/Inserts.  Previously Find wouldn't search for objects inside an inserted PCB job.
Convert Negative Layer to Positive.  Now works on any layer.  Previously this command would only work on negative plane layers.
Gerber to NC Drill can now optionally convert slots.  Previously only NC drills were detected and converted.
STEP Import quality for Curves (i.e Arcs, Circles, Splines) have been improved.  Previously imported STEP file with curves could produce coarse geometries,
STEP Export has a better User Interface and more options.
STEP Export intelligently removes excess verticies in Geometries to reduce final STEP files sizes.
IPC-2581 Import has been improved.  Corrected some issues importing certain pads.
Most FAB 3000 commands work directly from the Panel including: "Gerber to NC", "NC Layer to Gerber", "Create Drill Layer", "Silkscreen Optimizer", and more .  FAB 3000 commands now access all PCB/Job Insert hierarchy for the entire panel . Saving time from having to repeat various commands for each unique PCB/Job in a panel.
Apply External Centroids has been improved.
Delete Vertex (located in the Edit menu) has been improved.
Import NC Drill (located in the File/Import menu) as been improved.
Export GDS-II (located in the File/Export menu) has been improved.
Working with multiple Jobs/Pages and switching between those pages caused the program to freeze or crash.  That has been fixed.
When Exporting Files, FAB 3000 would sometimes default to an export path containing our internal Temporary folder. This has been resolved.
Highlight Mode for Nets and Components would sometimes use the wrong highlight mode when displaying objects.
When importing multiple ODB++ files into one workspace session, Custom Symbols with same name caused a conflict and used wrong reference.  Now unlimited ODB++ files can be loaded simultaneously without any Custom Symbol conflict between different databases.
ODB++ Import handling Net names with non standard characters. Previously Nets with names containing characters * (asterix), # (hashtag), /\ (slashes)  were not imported. 
ODB++ Import of Mirrored components.  Previously FAB 3000 would not load ODB++ with mirrored components.
DXF/DWG Export of rotated custom apertures.  Previously rotated custom apertures were transformed incorrectly on outputted DXF/DWG file.
Print and Export PDF (Raster) now include all small objects.  Previously very small objects sizes (less than 4 pixels) were omitted for optimization purposes. This optimization has now been eliminated and all objects will appear.
About 25 other minor bug fixes.


FAB 3000 Version 7.9.18 Released

22 December, 2017

DFM Check performance has improved by 10%
LUA API has been improved.
DFM Check - Deleted option "Remove Excess Data".
Fixed Component Rotation.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.9.17 Released

12 December, 2017

Netlist Export now has an option to generate outlines (IPC-D-356A Only).
Autoload - Added Import Units and additional Settings options to file confirmation page.
ODB++ Import better handles multiple units directive.
ODB++ Import better handles arcs.
Display Nets now displays net names correctly unless in realistic view mode.
Fix crash when Open/Save Synchronize Options files.
Better handle folder and file selection.  Eliminate temporary folder from appearing in file dialogs.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.9.15 Released

01 December, 2017

Layer Stackup Tool - Displays entire PCB Layer Stackup from imported data.
View Nets - Displays net names over objects.  Helps aide when reviewing designs.
Export Netlist - Can not export a netlist for the entire panel.
Convert IPC Netlist to Components - Improved Rotation detection when creating components from Netlist.
Better screen display of Netlist Test-Points and other small objects when zoomed far out.
Gerber Export - Components appear in the Gerber file the same as when displayed in the editor.
Query Nets - Deselect previous selected nets.
ODB++ Import - Files generated from newer releases of Zuken generated errors which prevented some custom symbols from being generated. That has been resolved.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.9.12 Released

19 November, 2017

Option to Automatically Synchronize Layer Color during Import.  Go to menu: Setup / Synchronize Options...
Mouse Hover Outline was incorrect for components on bottom side.
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